A new era of Coke Studio Sessions!

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

2015. No wonder this is a life changing year for me. But this year, gave me a lot of knowledge of music. Though, I cannot play a single instrument, I love to listen various kinds of music. And my taste of music is absolutely unpredictable. Yes! I bet that if you would want to predict my taste of music, you would be dumbfounded. Because immense mood-swings comes with a song which exactly fits the then present mood.

Though I was being introduced to international music at the age of 9-10 years only, I later realized what were my preferences. I still remember I had a walkman, and plugging the headphones, I used to listen to various kind of music using the walkman. I loved the way, Michael Jackson used to sing. That was my first step into listening to international music.

Now, it has grown so much, that, I’m searching for Azerbaijani & Turkish Folk Music these days. I won’t say I have got immense knowledge on various kinds of music. But, I’m happy enough to know how to distinguish between an Arabic song and a Hebrew song.

Though, coming back to 2015. Last year some of my friends introduced me to MTV Coke Studio (India) songs. And then I liked them a lot. Then, came a moment when they slowly got into my playlist. And then in repeat mode.

I always kept a check on the MTV Coke Studio Official Page on Facebook, and then, one fine day, there was an update. The Coke Studio Season 4 is going to release! I was overwhelmed. That was a happy moment for me! Finally, new compositions. New experiences. New additions. And moreover, new Music!

After seeing the trailer, I was happy. Finally there was the new Coke Studio coming on 1st March.

And finally the dooms day, came. On 1st March, an absolutely amazing masterpiece was released. A song.

“Teriyaan Tu Jaane” – by Amit Trivedi,Harshdeep Kaur and Jyoti Nooran.

The lyrics of the songs were absolutely uplifting and nice. Also, I loved the theme of the song. There’s a beautiful lady in the video of the song who goes around dancing on the streets and shows people her skills. At the end of the video, it is shown that she cannot hear, but she did dance absolutely to the rhythm of the song, because she felt music.

I’d love to recommend everyone to watch the video and do keep an eye on the MTV Coke Studio Official Facebook Page. Link of the video is given below.

Also, if you can, please do watch the earlier seasons of MTV Coke Studio India. Some beautiful notable songs from the previous seasons, according to me are Zariya – A.R Rahman feat Ani Chiyong and Farah Siraj, Aay Hori He – Pankhi Dutta feat Shafqat Amanat Ali, Path Kai Pare Hoi – Khagen Gogoi, Vethalai – Kailash Kher & Chinnaponnu, Nirmohiya – Harshdeep Kaur and Devendra Singh, and Cheene Re Mora Chain – Ustad Rashid Khan feat Salim Merchant.

As they said : Without Music, life would be a mistake!

  1. sensreegupta says:

    One of my fav progs!

  2. Teriyaan Tu Jaane. This song and the video ❤ I love it!

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