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So, it all ended, when Nitin was supposed to leave for AMS i.e Amsterdam, The Netherlands from Vladivostok. With a heavy heart, and dejection, Nitin Kumar, the investment banker, supposed to board the flight and tears dropped down at the partly empty airport.

After a long four year online relationship, and a very unexpected resignation from Credit Suisse, Nitin planned a trip to Vladivostok just to meet and stay with his girlfriend, Natalya who was studying at the Far Eastern State University. He knew that Natalya’s education would complete within a year and then, they would live together a happy life. But fate, seemed to decide something else.

It was a beautiful day, in the life of Nitin Kumar. Born and brought up in the streets of Allahabad, Nitin grew up as an average student till his graduation. But, his achievement started from the time he studied, and cracked GMAT examination after his graduation completed. His parents never wanted him to go abroad. But he was determined to kiss the success he would find soon enough. So, inspite of his parents multiple requests, Nitin left for Paris to pursue his dream. To be an investment banker. He had secured a brilliant score in the GMAT and also had cleared the HEC School of Management, Paris interview.

After reaching HEC, he finally realized where his interest was, and he excelled in his academics, which were pretty average during his graduation life. The course at HEC,Paris was of two years. He had to live in Paris for the next two years. Also, not to mention, he did roam a lot, and to my knowledge he did visit every country in which the Schengen area was included. Though he never knew, the visit and seminar in Maryland, would turn out to change his life.

He visited the University of Maryland, for a short seminar on Business Economics. There, he spotted the very beautiful Natalya Sheremetyev. Natalya was in the first year of her graduation, and she was the only lucky one, representing her university at the University of Maryland, USA. Incidentally both were alloted seats for the seminar, one beside the other.

Talks exchanged, and then both were attracted by their physical appearances. Namely, Nitin fell for Natalya’s beauty and Natalya fell for Nitin’s charming attitude. Soon,lives started exchanging. From phone calls, to late night/early morning messages, and riots of laughter and heart to heart conversations, the love grew more between them.

Then, as days passed, Nitin graduated from HEC as well. He also, secured a perfect job. A dream job he yearned for. But a lot of changes had occured in these past two-three years. He lost both his parents in these two years. That too, with the same ailment. Heart attack. The sadness grew more. And more and more. But he always had one person to bank upon. Natalya.

After four years of a long loved relationship, Nitin broke the stereotype. He finally gave up his job in Credit Suisse, and decided to leave for Vladivostok, to live with his girlfriend. But he could rarely decipher the dark future which was about to come and hit him soon. He boarded the Aeroflot SU4455 towards Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, and from  Moscow, he boarded the Aeroflot SU1700 towards Vladivostok. I doubt whether no one could be happier than him. But who knew what was he thinking in his mind?

After the eye contact, with Natalya, and exchanging tears, they went to the hotel where Nitin was supposed to stay at. There, they started to chart out the long term plan on what was supposed to be done, from there.

So, finally Nitin got a job at the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Vladivostok, which was amazing and even Natalya was happy with it. After that, he also rented a house and a car. He knew he will buy them, but for the time being, he thought of renting them. But, after working hours and on free days he had nothing to do around. So he started to ask people what hobby he can start to do with. A friend of him suggested him to write and submit blogs at .

He found that the website had a lot of fellow minded Indian bloggers and other bloggers who were pretty much away from home and so on. He liked them too much and started interaction with those bloggers. It made him feel, as if he were at home. All those talk made him feel comfortable and cozy, back there in an unknown city. And Natalya lived at his home only, like a wife.

So everything continued for a whole year, and everything seemed to be absolutely perfect. Love growing between them, and Natalya was supposed to graduate that year. But suddenly one day everything turned dark. Everything. Which turned Nitin’s life exactly 360 degrees from the time he was living there.

So on that dark day, Nitin went to his ofice as usual. Natalya messaged him that she had reached college. He was assured. But, that day there were less customers in the bank, and the Bank-in-charge said, “Nitin, you can leave early today”. So, he was happy that today he will pick Natalya up from her university. But what was going to happen, that he couldn’t even guess.

So he left the office building around 5.00pm and headed towards the university which was 15-20 mins drive from the office. So, what happened was, after reaching the university campus, he was informed that Natalya left from college towards home at 3:30 everyday. Nitin knew that her college ended at 5pm everyday, and that day he wanted to give Natalya a surprise. But he was taken aback because, he was atonished to know that she went home early everyday. Yet till that time he was positive. So, he headed towards home, and then the real story starts.

Now, Nitin saw that she was already at home. But, there was a twist. Nitin peeked from the window, and saw another man, who was probably of his age. But he kept quiet and saw the whole thing happening. He saw Natalya going to the kitchen, and that man followed her. They came out, hugging each other, and started getting intimate. Just during that moment, Natalya spotted Nitin at the windows.

Whereas, Nitin, totally shook from the core, had no words to explain. He was terribly shocked. How can a lady have an affair with someone else inspite of the fact that he loved her so much.

Natalya tried to explain him so much that they two had nothing between them and its common to kiss and hug. But everything was in vain. Nitin was adamant. He kept silence, till he wanted to. Distances increased, and then, one fine day Nitin couldn’t take it any longer. He decided to leave his job, and go back to the place from where he belonged to. But, he had no option to return back to Paris. Credit Suisse won’t recruit him back.

So, he started to find a job without notifying Natalya about it. The distance was too much. They wouldn’t talk to each other for days or months. But, still Nitin knew it had to end some day. The crack in the glass, couldn’t be mended with any kind of solution.

And, one day before he left, he gave his resignation letter. The day he was supposed to board the flight, he left his office after collecting the work experience certificate and after completing all his formalities, he headed towards the airport. He knew, that after one year, he was supposed to buy the car and the house. But the one, who was supposed to run the house, isn’t trustworthy, so how will she be able to run the house.

He reached the airport around 6:30 pm. Reaching early, he started jotting down some points and simultaneously started writing a small article on “Love,lost and found”. When his flight was announced, he finished writing and uploaded his post on, web checked in himself, and sat till the final announcement was to be done.

Here Natalya was searching him like anything. He didn’t even feel the urge to inform her, about his permanent departure from the soviet country. But, she saw the web- checkin, and tried to message him, but in vain. He was already sitting inside the airport. She tried for the last time, and shouted “Nitin, please don’t leave me, please”.”Give me one last chance please”.

Nitin actually took a ticket from Vladivostok to Amsterdam. Because, while he interacted with people on, he found a banker who also shared similiar interests with him. He asked the other banker about opportunities, and he instantly said, “There’s a vacancy for an investment banker at Amsterdam. The bank is not much known, but it should suffice you”. He instantly decided, he will leave. With all his aspirations and love broken, he had nothing to live in Vladivostok. The person, for whom he left Credit Suisse, cheated on him. So how could he live?

But then, Nitin saw Natalya shouting to him. He tried ignoring her, but he couldn’t. He just, ran back to her, inspite of the past grudge, or whatever he had on her. He just hugged her, and he forgot everything. They just, went back together, while the flight left toward its own destination.

Both started searching for a new life. Searching for a better life. But, away from Vladivostok 🙂

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Celebrating, my life!

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I’d like to start with this fact that, can we ever find an answer to this question whether human beings are actually reborn or not?

According to me, a human is born in this beautiful place called earth, only once. So why not find occasions to rejoice? After all, we are born just once right! Everyone has the right to rejoice life whenever or wherever they can.

Though there’s this harsh fact that we find occasions to enjoy our lives, and to rejoice ourselves. I don’t think that rejoicing of our livelihood, shouldn’t be just limited to celebrating marriages, birthday parties and so on.

Like, I have a dream. A small dream which was probably passed on from my parents to me, and will be probably passed on to my future generations. Since childhood, I have seen my dad, leaving for office at morning 7am. He comes home late around 8pm. But, after he came back home, the home seemed to become lively. As if the house regained its state of chaos after a whole day of calmness.

The house becomes joyous and happy after dad comes home back. He always used to freshen up himself and then sit with us to discuss how was our day. It was something, we as kids always loved to do. Ranging from getting applauded in the classroom to standing on the bench, I loved to share everything with dad. That’s another case I didn’t even ask him about his office, but I always asked him whether his day was good or not.

Then after the small discussion, we had a better discussion on our dining table while we ate food. I always loved to share new ideas and thoughts. Also, dad never failed to amaze us because he always had something or the other to tell us. And I, as a kid used to understand or atleast try to understand what the discussion was about.

I am presently away from home, pursuing graduation. It all has ended back in 2012. But I still try my best to call mom dad whenever I complete my dinner early. If not, I have to call them every alternate day.

My idea of celebrating life is to have a happy family life with parents and/or spouses (if any). I believe, that I would love to change roles with my dad someday. Because I love the way he never shouted on us for anything. I’d love to raise my kids the same way my father raised me up. Because, after so much hustle bustle of the office and other work pressures, he still managed to remain all calm and appreciate every small good deed of mine. He never shouted on us. But he did make me understand every time I made a mistake. Which made me feel so guilty that I myself never repeated the mistake ever again.

I’m sure I’ll be able to rejoice my life all over again, when I’ll return back to my parents. Because without them, one cannot rejoice life everyday.

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No one can be saved!

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Today’s 7.5 richter earthquake opened my eyes. I want to ask you a question.

Can anyone, save himself or herself from the wrath of nature? Is it possible?

Everyone has a different perspective to this question. They’ll counter-question me. Should it mean we leave to pursue our dreams? I still remember the 2001 Bhuj earthquake which destroyed the city. Devastated thousands of lives. I was a kid back then. I did realize then, that an earthquake was happening. But, to my horror, my mom was inside the building. Me and my dad were off to the school for a speech probably.

When I returned back, I saw the news on the TV where everything was totally destroyed. So many dreams. So many homes. So many happy lives. Destroyed in a moment of a second. All finished.

I do not know, but rarely anyone has been able to predict accurate natural phenomena. Maybe seismographs and other such devices can predict. But I don’t think it’s too accurate.

Coming back, to the question. Should we give up our dreams? Just for a fear that, someday somewhere the nature will be too rough to be calm.

I believe,not. Maybe we could just save ourselves from the apocalypse. Nothing is precious than our lives. Nothing. It maybe too difficult to see our dream homes getting destroyed. But nothing is better than, living or seeing your loved ones are alive.

It is too difficult to restart everything from scratch. But believe me, the restart is worthwhile, a better way than someone else taking out your dead body from the debris.

I’d request everyone to know all the safety rules, regulations and ways on how to save yourself from every kind of natural calamities.

And I pray for all the victims of earthquakes that have either deceased or have lost their relatives or dream homes. I wish they gain enough power to restart their lives.

No net neutrality. Imagine a situation where you are stuck with only Flipkart for online shopping. Only Facebook for social networking. And nothing for blogging. So, whenever you open the browser, you see only Flipkart, Facebook, and some selected websites by the network operators to browse. Will you be happy? Inspite of paying for the internet pack you will get access only to those websites which the specific operator has a tie-up with.

Ok, so let’s assume you are super-rich. Maybe rich enough to buy the Lufthansa Airways (oops, that’s an exaggeration). Or maybe rich enough to afford a BMW 7 series. So you would, go for all those specific packs available when there is no net neutrality. Like Whatsapp Pack, Twitter pack, Youtube Pack, WordPress pack, Pack(oh, sorry it’s always free …) and other such packs. You’ll be like, eh who cares, I want to access the internet freely, and I will, because my salary is so & so LPA.

But what about students like us? We, at times are so broke that we even have to ask very small amount of money for recharging our phone from our friends. Say, a 10 rupees pack has 25MB of data usage. But what if there is no net neutrality? We will have to borrow more money. Suppose, our teacher has sent us some important question papers through Whatsapp and Gmail. Now, there is no net neutrality. So, we friends go to our teacher and say her to rather print them, because, we won’t have enough money to spend on the data pack, then Whatsapp pack and then Gmail pack.

This is net neutrality. If there is no net neutrality, I believe, the whole internet sphere will be biased. It is like, the TV channels thing. Suppose you buy a dish TV. After that, you have to pay a monthly minimum of say, 300 rupees for some channels. Now, there are various packs for various kinds of people. Like say suppose you are an international journalist, you would need those BBC, CNN, RT, etc. If you are a home-maker (mind you, not housewife, because you are the wife of your husband, not the house!) then you would need FoodFood, Khana Khazana and all those channels which would help in household chores, and probably Star CJ alive to buy household stuff.

Now for the extra channels you have to pay more amount. Otherwise you will be stuck with the same free channels. Same way, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India was planning to do the same thing and put a restriction on net neutrality. And hence they forced us consumers to write a petition stating that we want net neutrality.

Also, one more issue of worry was, the regulation and restriction of freedom. Every action and transaction of yours, on the internet could be monitored, by the telecom operators. Because there would be a handful of customers who would go for subscribing all the packs. And keeping a watch on them should be easier than now it is.

I do hope positively that the TRAI maintains the net neutrality and the internet should not get biased by any circumstances.

I would like to start this post with a note of thanks to BlogAdda and JSW Steel for giving me the opportunity to write about the leaders who have the Will of Steel and nominating them for the good deeds they have done, for the humanity.

Let’s come to my first nomination from my list of achievers of the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour award.

I’d love to ask a question to my readers right now. What is the staple food of the country called “India”?
This is a very basic question to all my readers who are residing in India right now. Obviously, even if you do a simple Wikipedia search on it, you would get the answer “Rice”. Now, what if the various varieties of the staple food of the country goes missing, how will the normal person survive? There might be other options, but would they actually suffice the needs of the masses?

So, as the fear of depletion of various types of rices was about to occur, Dr. Debal Deb came as a savior. He revived the depleting culture of Seed Exchange, and due to his efforts, a seed bank was opened in 1997, which was known as Vrihi. Vrihi in Sanskrit means Rice, and today, Vrihi is probably the largest seed exchange centre in West Bengal. Vrihi has managed to, distribute over 600 varieties of rice to farmers around 18 districts of Orissa and West Bengal. Also, due to Dr. Deb’s special efforts, he has managed to save 920 varieties of Rice which were supposed to deplete and vanish till now.

So, I believe Dr. Debal Deb, deserves the JSW #WillOfSteel honour.

My second nomination for the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour is Krishna Das, or affectionately known as “The Placard Man”

Krishna Das, was born in a small town somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. He didn’t find peace at home, so he ran away to the Himalayas. According to an excerpt of BBC, he had moments, when he gave up everything just for the sake of finding peace and religion. After spending around 10 years, and going to various places to share peace and unity to the world, he could be found at the Juhu Beach. His daily routine starts from 06.00 am IST, where he puts placards which are at a distance of 1 km along the whole coastline of Juhu Beach. He meditates there as well, and people who are interested, do talk to him about attaining peace and brotherhood. His placard reads as follows “Apne dharm pe chalo, sabse pyar karo (follow your religion, love everyone)”. And, I believe, he is a real life messenger of peace.

So, I think Krishna Das, deserves the JSW #WillOfSteel honour.

My third nomination for the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour is Raja, or famous as “Auto Raja”.

Raja, who was born in a very poor family, who used to steal things for a living, was detained in his younger days. Since the day, he was released, he vowed not to be a sinner anymore and he would live an honest life. He did live an honest life, but he also managed to do the welfare of the people, who live on the street and have no one who could take care of them. Raja managed to rescue around 3000 people from the streets of Bangalore, and took them to his rehabilitation centre with the help of his auto, and he also has cremated around 2000 homeless people with full rituals. His rehabilitation centre is known as the New Ark Mission of India, also known as the Home of Hope. And, giving a life to homeless people is something which normal people cannot do.

That’s why, I think that Raja deserves the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour.

My fourth nomination for the JSW #WillOfSteel is The Super 30 man, Anand Kumar from Patna, Bihar.

Anand’s father was a clerk and, due to insufficient conditions, he was unable to afford private schooling for his son. So, he had to enroll his son in a government Hindi medium school. During his school days, Anand developed his love for maths and since then, he kept working and learning maths. He submitted papers on the Number Theory during his graduation days.

What makes him notable, is, when a poor student came to him to seek coaching for IIT JEE, he couldn’t refuse him. From there, he got the idea of starting the Super 30. And, what makes him more famous is, he doesn’t accept any kind of grants or donations to support the Super 30. The students of the Super 30 programme are selected who are very intelligent but have a very poor economic status. Anand gives them food and lodging for one year, along with study material and courseware for the IIT JEE examination.
Due to these all above reasons, I believe Anand Kumar should get the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour.

My fifth nomination, is the duo Gyanendra and Monika Purohit.

You might be thinking, what did this couple do, which made them just as renowned. They, probably are one of those, who believe in equality. They brought a lot of change to the notion that deaf and dumb people cannot enjoy movies normally like us. The couple dubs movies, in sign language for the deaf and dumb people. Movies which they have dubbed in sign language till date are, the famous movie of Sholay, Munna Bhai MBBS, Tare Zameen Par and Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi. They are also planning to dub the TV Series Satyameva Jayate, which they would be doing because the deaf and dumb people of the country also want to know, what is right and what is not. All of their dubbed movies can be found at the Madhya Pradesh Deaf and Dumb Police Assistant Centre at Indore.

Because of their strong impact and change for the society, I would like to nominate them for the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour.

And my last nomination for the post is, Rajendra Singh, or the “Water Man” from Alwar, Rajasthan.

Water, as we all know, is an essential for our daily chores, and mainly, for drinking. We cannot survive without water. And this man, has achieved the impossible. He managed to save rainwater and collect it for future uses, for 850 villages across 11 districts in Rajasthan. He created a NGO, namely the Tarun Bharat Sangha which helped him in achieving this feat. He has managed to create 4500 artificial dams and saved the water from being depleted. He also has revived five drying rivers. He used the technique called “Johad” or earthen rainwater storage tanks, and also educated the villagers on how to save the rainwater. He is also known as the “Water Man of India” due to his ground-breaking techniques and ideas on saving water. He managed to resolve the issue of Alwar district in Rajasthan, which was once known as the “dark zone” due to depletion of water.

So, I would like to nominate him for the JSW #WillofSteel Honour.

These six nominees, I believe, deserve the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour, due to their commendable and incomparable work towards the society.

I also request my readers, to vote for them. And let them get the honour they deserve.

I’m voting for Dr. Debal Deb, Krishna Das, Raja, Anand Kumar, Gyanendra and Monika Purohit and Rajendra Singh at #WillofSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

Are ads going haywire?

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No, seriously are ad’s going haywire?

Okay so you might be thinking. Man, what the hell are these nuts doing? Like what?
I tell you, there are some ads which irritate the hell out of you!

Let me note them down and analyze them slowly one-by-one.

1.The deo ads.

What do the ads want to convey? Like seriously what ? Not generalizing, but most of us, men are alert enough that, we have to use deodorants, because we are already tired of working and roaming around in the sun, and we also know that we stink. I still did not understand the concept of showing women getting either intimidated or attracted by the person who sprays the deo’s. I’m like whoa.

Sincerely speaking,in my opinion, the deo ads for men shouldn’t involve women. There’s this ad, where the lady goes and bites off the thread of the kite, just because, he has sprayed an awesome deo.

Imagine a situation where you’ve put the specific deo, and women are jumping and getting excited to have you around. Will it happen? of course, not. With a capital N.

Disclaimer: Please do not be in the notion that women would get impressed by the deo you put on. They won’t even get impressed even if you roam around in a Lamborghini Murcielago, mind it. You need to learn specific skills, or virtues maybe.

2. The selfie-data pack ad.

There’s this ad which goes on like, “Your boyfriend is going through an identity crisis and your selfie can make his day.Recharge with our data packs and get more data to send a selfie.” Really? A selfie can make the boyfriend’s day? I guess, even if the selfie can make the boyfriend’s day, isn’t it more relevant to call the boyfriend and make his day? or message him atleast! After all, a boyfriend would need a semi-physical presence to cheer himself up right? And, my question was, only boys go through identity crisis?

3. Women in shaving ads.

Whoa! Ok, so it was not only the deo which had the power to intimidate dear ladies, but, now, the various razors available in the market also have the ability. A clean shave, with our company’s razor and women will fall for the clean shaved beard. What if, your wife loves you with a stubble? Chuck razor blades, I’ve gotta run to impress my wife!

4. Filmstars in beverages ad.

Seriously? Beverages? Yes we all know it. When our very own Salman Khan, is hanging on the rope of a helicopter, and opens the cork of the bottle and says “Aaj Kuch Toofani Kartey Hain”, or, Hrithik Roshan out of nowhere gets enough courage, drives into a huge sandstorm, returns alive (mind you, there is not a single particle of dust on his shirt or jacket) and says “Darr Ke Aage jeet hai”.

I tell you, I still wish that I should have drank a can of Mountain Dew, before attempting my IIT JEE exam back in 2012.

and last but not the least,

5.Bike ads.

No I still remember there was a bike ad, where there was this guy, who first was probably refused a job in a call centre and then he decided to make his own call centre with the help and usage of his bike. I think so there was a dialogue in the ad “Kaka, agar gaaon sheher nahi ja sakta toh gaaon me sheher aa sakta hai na.” There was this ad. Then, one more which I disliked at times, “Why should boys have all the fun?” I’m still wondering, the boys like me who never had a bike in their whole life, how can they have fun? Could someone please explain this to Priyanka Chopra, or maybe Parineeti, who recently did the ad as well.

So, this was my list of ads going haywire. I’ll note some more, when I see them on the TV, and get irritated as well.

I am joining in on all the Pepsi IPL action in my own style with the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity at BlogAdda.

Dear friends,

As you have read the previous post on how I found a best friend in the networking website LinkedIN, I’d like to share a similiar type of experience on the Bloggers Networking website, Indiblogger. Even there, I found a best friend for life. And I do hope she remains the same till the end.

I agree I am narcisstic, but on online and social media websites, I dislike showing that. So, one day as I was scrolling through bloggers, I found this interesting lady with an interesting blog. Her name was Sunidhi Jain. I thought of sending her a connect request on IndiBlogger. Her blog is -> World of Words!

Her Indiblogger page. How about turning the Plus sign to a tickmark, I thought

Her Indiblogger page. How about turning the Plus sign to a tickmark ?, I thought

What amazed me, was that she liked my posts on IndiVine a lot. Who knew, that someone could like my posts a lot inspite of the fact that I mainly wrote little fictional and contest related things. Anyways, when I realized that she gave me so many upvotes, I sent her an IndiMail, thanking me for the upvotes and to connect as well. After a day, I saw that she hadn’t replied to the IndiMail. Then (shamelessly) I thought of connecting her on all other social media websites. And, sincerely speaking, I never expected a better welcoming than this in my life. I bet if she were some other girl, she would have instantly blocked me over all other social media sites. But it was her, so she, was pretty overwhelmed when she got my requests and various other stuff.

Her Instagram profile. worried whether, the private profile could be ever accessed, or not

Her Instagram profile. Worried whether, the private profile could be ever accessed, or not

Her FB Profile. Mind you, the cover page is her own edited picture.

Her FB Profile. Mind you, the cover page is her own edited picture.

Since then, I got into touch with her and then our friendship is still growing. Chats continued till 3am and more. Going deep into her life, I could say that, she is a very much strong girl. She lost her father back in 2004 when she was of 8 years of age. She also lost some of her very close family members. And her mother was brave enough to raise her as a very sweet and responsible kid. (P.S She’s engaged so there’s no chance *sobs*). Anyways, she has a little sister. And, she loves to paint, and make designs. She will be pursuing Fashion designing and she has cleared the NIFT preliminary examination. She also loves to click pictures and, meet online friends, as I love to do.

An oil painting made by her!

An oil painting made by her!

Faber Castell Magic ahan!

Faber Castell Magic ahan!

Inspite of the fact that she has faced so many hardships, she manages to put a smile all over and she even loves to play around with friends using her words. She is also a writer and is featured in 4 anthologies as well. Going deeper into her life, she lives in the Steel city of Durgapur and, is an ex-Carmellite. She loves to draw a lot and uses Faber Castell (24 Tri-Colour Pencils) for her most of the sketches. She also is an avid social media butterfly and can be available on every social media website you can name. Her favourite sports are Badminton and throwball. Not to mention, she has some awesome moments of mood-swings which is obviously normal for any girl of her age! And not to mention, her dream city is Paris. She also aspires to visit other cities viz Miami, New York and London.

Hand-made tattoos! So artistic, this girl is, you see!

Hand-made tattoos! So artistic, this girl is, you see!

And, just a sample of her writings.

And, just a sample of her writings.

Nonetheless, coming back to the point where I started. You never know, when you might come across a stranger, who would turn out to be your bestest friend of life. Thank you Nidhi,(I address her with the name… because I like it!) for coming into my little life. Hope to meet you soon. Also Deviji, wait till you land up into my city.! See after that what happens.

With love,