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I personally think, when someone does a good deed to you,you should return it back. Though, when you do a good deed to someone else, you should not expect to get something good in return from the very same person. 6000 billion minds and counting. Every second, a new mind is being welcomed by the world. I’d like to share something, today, which I believe, would work wonders, if you follow the lines I have mentioned above in this paragraph.

Long back, when I was a school-going kid in my early teens (though I still am a kid, and would be forever, for my parents), I had a cousin sister of mine, who used to live with us, and inspite of being kids, we very well knew that she was in a serious relationship with a boy of her same college.I and other cousins did tease her at times, by her boyfriend’s surnames and she used to get pissed off. And then we all used to laugh at her red angry face. That was a good ol’ time we all had in our life.

Suddenly out of nowhere, one fine day, we all saw, she came home, with a depressed face. When asked, she just asked her to leave us and shouted on us. Inspite of the fact that she never shouted on us kids, she did it for the first time. All other cousins left, but I was determined to know the problem and solve it. Though, after a little bashing and shouts, she gave it up and confessed me that, her boyfriend had ditched her.

This was a normal issue for us teens. As she was in her early twenties, she was having a difficult time to accept it. But, it was normal for us because, we were a generation below her. Though, probably after that day, she was changed. And I think I may or may not be the reason, for her success, or whatever it may be called. Because she calls it as her success. And, she became my staunch ally for life. I helped her a little and since that, she loves me more as much as she loves her kids!

Anyways, coming back to her issue. I still remember, it took me probably six hours just to get her out of her shock. Applying every kind of soothing words, seem not to work. When I realized, the sugar-coated words won’t work on her, I chose the worse way to make her understand that they weren’t a couple anymore. I forced her to call her boyfriend back and ask him again whether the break up was real or not. After a lot of fights, she came out of the trauma. And I explained her, to concentrate on her career so that she could live a better life. Whenever she needed help or broke down in tears, I used to sing songs for her. There were times,when I skipped school and used to stand outside her college just to go out with her and explain her everything from ground zero that she had a better life without her ex-boyfriend.

After some months, I could realize the change. She came second in her university.Her grades were more better than it used to be. She also managed to get a very good job. I still remember, she took me on an outing on the day when she got her salary and fed me all my favourite foodstuff.

That was just half the story. After a few years, again, I was being consulted, when a marriage proposal came to her. She asked me whether the boy was ideal for her or not. I did a background check of the boy for her (hahhah, I should have not invaded the boy’s privacy! But anything for my deedee. Who knows, maybe someone shall check my background as well? ). After finding a lot of stuff, I said her, to jump in the well called arranged marriage. Where chances and probabilities play a lot on the lives of the individuals. I found that the boy was academically rigorous student(unlike me) and, used to complain a lot for not having a girlfriend. So, I said dee to take chances and marry her. I also warned her, to tell him about her past and then ask whether the boy will accept her or not inspite of having a past serious relationship.

Talks exchanged and then the boy did really accept her with her all those emotional baggage, as they call it.On the condition,that she would never go back to her ex-boyfriend ever in life. Obviously, who would go back to such a person.And not to mention, they got married.

Now, when I was writing this, I got a call from her a few minutes ago. She was in tears, saying that she misses me a lot and life in the States was pretty beautiful. She also was forcing me to give post-graduation examinations so that I could get admitted there in the States and she also explained how she will take care of me in that unknown land. She has two beautiful baby boys who are toddlers and a happy life with her husband. I do not know, whether I was responsible for this or not, but I do love her and will continue to love her.

Love you dee. I hope you are reading this, somewhere in the States, and missing me.
I miss you too.

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