The small joys!

Posted: April 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dad has finally informed me that he would be coming on the 20th of April. This news has finally, put me over the edge to attend more classes so that I can be with him all the time. After all who wouldn’t be happy when you see dad after months.

Normally, I don’t attend classes. This is a sincere confession, because inspite of me attending classes, I could never score good marks. So, since last year I gave up and became irregular in attending lectures. Though it does not mean, I’m whiling away on social media sites(sincerely speaking, I did, but I realized my mistake sooner). I do study various kinds of other things and sit most of the time, exploring various kinds of music and how to classify genre. I always wanted to pursue a degree in sound engineering. But could never, due to social and financial insecurities. My dad always supported me no matter what. But with a constraint, that, at the end of the day no matter what, you have to earn. So, I quit the idea, and put it behind other major wishes in my mind.

Coming back, these small joys in my life are something which keeps me alive and kicking. I always find short term happiness factors to keep myself rejuvenated in the long run. And I do find a lot of them. From feeding a stray dog, to smile at my mom after some small blunder happened, to help a physically disabled person and see him/her smile at me, is equally priceless to me. And now dad is coming, so this has, kinda added to my happiness factor. And these days I’m all good.

I still remember, that I was boycotted from my whole class, due to some misunderstanding created by someone. Even then, when no one talked to me in my whole class, I found things which could give me happiness. Even if, for a short time, they could cheer me up. Later when things got normal, I didn’t pay heed, and continued living the way I did back then.

Though, I won’t deny, but I did have a depressing phase of life. When my maternal aunt, my only support in an unknown yet known land passed away. That was unbearable, but I had no option but to accept the harsh truth.

P.S Masi, I wish you were there to read this. You are being missed.

I’d like to keep that part of my life, to be discussed, some other day, some other time!

I have born and brought up in such an atmosphere where love was endless. My parents loved me so much, that now I miss them. I won’t deny I am a spoilt brat, but not spoilt enough to send me in an exile away from home. I knew my choice was wrong, but I did want to see the outside atmosphere. How it feels staying away from home, what is it to feel like cooking on your own, and various other such first-times! I know many of you could relate to me while reading the last sentence.

Though, I always have lived in a together-ly atmosphere. Mom,dad and me altogether at the end of the day, tired but happy. Discussing lives while sitting at the dining table was a daily routine. And then, it all broke up. I went away. And then later mom joined me. Dad stays all alone in Mumbai, working hard to give us a better life. And, small joys are always existent. I just wish, everything gets united again. Sooner or later. I see less chances of me going back home after graduations, but, hopes are always alive.

  1. Like you , I also don’t like to attend classes. Its a common adage in college ” khud hi padna padta h” so why waste time in attending class

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