A sorry, yet not a sorry!

Posted: April 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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According to me, a sorry, is not a sorry, as long as the person realizes his or her mistake, and then whole heartedly apologizes!

I still remember, a small yet heartbreaking story from my school days. I was in class 10th that time. After the summer vacations, school reopened. On the very first day, I couldn’t control myself. After a lot of courage and determination, I proposed my childhood crush, and she instantly said yes. I could not explain you the feeling of happiness I had that day. I still remember that day I had consumed strawberry flavored ice-cream along with my friends. Strawberry flavored foodstuff is something I hated to the core since childhood. And that day, I felt I deserved this happiness after a long wait of three to four years.

Everything was fine till one day in the next week, she didn’t come to school. I thought that she must be ill or unable to attend school due to some reasons. But a friend of mine broke this misconception of mine. She came to me and said, “Do you really wanna know, where your so called girlfriend is?”. I was like, “Maybe she is at her home only. Where else she could be?”. A reply came, “Just follow me!”.

After sometime, I reached to the nearest McDonald’s outlet where I could see, my girlfriend was having ice-cream with my best friend. And that too in such a way that anyone could make out that they were couples. I furiously went inside, and caught them red handed, just before moments where they were supposed to kiss each other. I was shattered. I was angry. I wanted to kill both of them. But my conscience was intelligent enough to keep me calm on the outer part of the world. I walked out of the outlet, the boy followed me first. But when he realized I won’t listen to his words, he started explaining things to the friend who accompanied me, and as far as the girl was concerned, she was already crying there.

I went home, all shattered and broken. I think it took me two-three days to resurrect back to my normal form. And the girl! She was just chanting sorry to me as if she were chanting some hymns. I could realize that she had no guilt, but just because of either showoff or some late realization, she was apologizing to me. I know, if she wouldn’t have done anything wrong, she would have given me an explanation. But instead of giving an explanation, she directly started to apologize me that she had done something wrong. I still do not know, and don’t even want to know what could have been the reason. But, her “Sorry” was a sorry, yet not a sorry to me!

I still remember, even after five years of that incident, she apologizes to me and she wants me back in her life. But, place yourself in my place. What would you do? Would you take her back? Would you be kind-hearted enough to accept her “Sorry”? I leave it to you, my friends.

  1. Well written bro, in today’s world sorry word loses its identity and it become a common format of speaking

  2. Sorry, especially when uttered with a lot of emotional fervor, is a BIG LIE. Good that you realized it quickly.

  3. Govindarajan R says:

    I won’t accept. what you have done friend?

  4. Pinkey says:

    I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your content. This great article has really peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your blog and keep checking for new information about once per week.

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