#twittermeetsinDelhi2014 Day 2

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So here’s the next part of my Twitter meets in Delhi!

For the first part, check here -> #TwitterMeetsInDelhi2014 Day 1

so, on the day 2, I went hopping around the Raisina Hills and the Rashtrapati Bhavan in the morning. Because I had some meetups during the afternoon and evening time. So, as scheduled, I woke up exactly at morning 06.00 am and left towards Central Secretariat metro station. And, no wonder, during the morning, the Central Secretariat metro, which is full of people, was just empty! Completely empty, the metro station was. So, I got down at the metro and started walking towards Janpath. I still thank the people who suggested me to take my camera on my trip to Delhi. Though it took me a lot of time just to explore the North and the South block, I couldn’t click the Parliament House. And, the nearby beauty is just inexpressible in words.

The Parliament House, from outside! Obviously I can't enter the premises coz I'm not a media person, or a political leader either :D

The Parliament House, from outside! Obviously I can’t enter the premises coz I’m not a media person, or a political leader either πŸ˜€

Lush green grass, students being taught how to play football by their respective coach, some storks and cranes hopping around on bees, which are sucking honey from flowers.

The Storks in synchronization with their steps!

The Storks in synchronization with their steps!

There were small birds as well. Though, I was pretty bored, yet I was amused by the actions of the storks out there.

The Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raisina Hills, Delhi!

The Rashtrapati Bhavan, Raisina Hills, Delhi!

From the President’s office i.e Rashtrapati Bhavan, I moved towards the India Gate.That was one place, where I felt a sense of pride and respect for the country. It’s like, giving you goosebumps when you stand in front of the Amar Jawaan, The never ending flame of eternity. it’s a symbol of respect, where you just stand and feel, the martyrs of the country, who have given their lives for the sake of peace and order in the country. So that the people of the country could be safe and sound, sleeping peacefully at their homes. It also applies to the present soldiers of the country, who are deputed to the borders of the country to save us, all the time. #Respect to you, Indian Army. Live longer! Stay Stronger! I’m myself getting goosebumps while I type the above sentences.

After that, I was supposed to return to the hotel. But I wanted to explore a bit more. So, I walked towards the Janpath metro, boarded the metro, and I switched metro lines to reach New Delhi Metro Station. I had to rush to my hotel, to leave towards Noida. Now, first invitation was at Noida only. At Doctor Malhotra’s clinic. No no, not an appointment. Just to meet him. His handle is @princemds4 .So I was pretty much confused with the autos, because in Delhi every auto had the initials DL. Here I saw, it changed to UP. Then I called doc, and he was considerate enough to explain the route to the auto-driver. After reaching his place, I went into his clinic and then , he warmly welcomed me. After talking to each other for a lot of time, I had to return back for another meetup. I do still thank him, for giving the opportunity and time to meet me.

So, I bid him goodbye and headed towards Golf Course. Where I was supposed to stand below the metro station and a surprise was awaiting for me. So, I called up the host, affectionately known as @LungFakeer (Sir). He was busy driving, I could decipher that. And, to my joy, he came in one of my most favourite dream car. I was shocked. Actually what happened was, I was constantly chit-chatting with him on the phone after getting down at the station, when instantly, he said to me on phone, “Turn Back!” and I could see a handsome man, with aviators on, calling me near his car. I was pretty stunned because he owns a car which is one of my dream cars!

From the metro station, he took me to probably Noida City Centre. I actually forgot. But I remember him saying, it was the biggest mall in the Noida area. There, he questioned me, whether I’d like to have continental or Indian food? I was pretty confused at that moment, and did, what anyone else would have done. I thought of leaving the decision on him, as he was the host. So, very intelligently, he chose to have Rajasthani style lunch. I’d believe, that was such a kind of lunch, which I never had before in my entire life. I bet, you wouldn’t find better food in any other mall in that area! After that, he gifted me a book which, I think was the best gift from a Twitter person ever. I am still thankful to him because the book is still helping me achieve my goals. I would say, he is absolutely an intellectual person and absolutely opposite to that, what he portrays on the online social media websites. I do wish to have a personality like him someday, sooner or later. He was considerate enough, to take time for me, inspite of his busy schedule.

You could say, he became a role model for me. A dynamic appearance, with a glow on his face,a positive vibe feeling around, and a brilliant taste of music. He also gave me a lot of tips on how to succeed and, how should I build my career after my graduations. And he also gave a lot of options on how should I excel in life.

After the rendezvous, he dropped me back to the Golf Course metro station and from there, I went back. Happy and excited for the next day, which was about to happen within a few hours. I put my alarm on, called mom-dad, and then fell asleep.

P.S Thank you so much both. I wish to meet you both all over again!

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    nice write-up and cool pics πŸ™‚

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