Babaji Ka Thullu, without Google!

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Imagine a world, where there is no Google. There might be two cases.

1. You’re screwed.
2. Hail Alternatives.

Let’s talk about case 1. As my title suggests, it would happen the same. Babaji ka Thullu without Goooooooogle!. Now for my friends, who do not know this term, this is a term used in the very famous show “Comedy Nights with Kapil” by Kapil Sharma which means “nothing”. It means you won’t get anything inspite of your efforts.So, even if you put a lot of efforts you wouldn’t get anything. You would be just wasting your energy, time, and obviously data connection. Now, if Google doesn’t exist, you won’t know what would happen. You’ll have to firstly byheart all the websites which are useful. Then, let me tell you. If we are not that intelligent, we have to note them down, which will be a big pain for us. Imagine, like yellow page book of phone numbers, we will have yellow page book of websites.

Obviously that would be the worst thing to hit us. Over on top of that, let me come to technical terms now. As Google won’t be there, we won’t have Google products as well. Larry Page would be sitting on top of some mountain and thinking something else instead of founding Google. Sergey Brin also would have done something else in Maths instead of co- founding Google. As they say,Google’s mission statement is “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. So there will be no organization of data and information and due to that there will be mismanagement of data. People have to keep their own personal records which would be too much difficult to maintain.

Imagine a rule book of websites and a guide to use the rule book. Oh my gosh. Kill me someone before this news hits me.

Now in Case 2. Ahhhaha. Google not there, who cares! We have some brilliant alternatives. Ever heard of Bing, Yahoo Search, Rediff search, DuckDuckGO(that’s for the DeepWeb. Please Ignore), etc. If doesn’t work, we have way better alternatives man! Which we never open in our whole life, when we have Google. These could be used for indexed searches. But, just for your information, they still have a lot of glitches and we had to use them with those glitches as well which would have been so much difficult. Atleast it was better than the no search engine scenario. But, cursing is our birthright, isn’t it?

Thank you Sir Google for making our life easier. And Larry Page and Sergey Brin for founding Google,Inc.

  1. kokilagupta says:

    SO right ! Without Google and your alternative case 2 , Libraries would have been my residential address (on rotation basis) and … i can’t even imagine !

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