Redefining the life with Zenfone2!

Posted: April 13, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Let’s start it this way.
Since childhood, we have seen our computers running on Intel processors. No one would have imagined, the very same processors would be just in the small device in our hands which we mainly use to call, watch videos or listen to music. The power of Intel is something, we always fascinated in our childhood life. Some of us also dreamt of having Intel in our hands. And today is the day, where I can boastfully write, I have a device which runs Intel, and it isn’t a computer.

Coming back to our beastly Zenfone 2 by Asus. Sincerely speaking, Asus is a famous name in the industry of computers and laptops. Guess what happens when a famous computer making firm, enters the mobile market with it’s new brand. Success, pure success and power in the hands of the customers who are using the device. We have already seen the fame Zenfone 4, Zenfone C and Zenfone 5 has got. Now it’s time for the Zenfone 2 to hit the market, and amaze the buyers.

Now, let’s start with the five ways, in which the Zenfone 2 can redefine my smartphone experience.

1. 4GB RAM

Man! 4GB RAM is something, I always dreamt of. I’ve seen people bragging with stuff which has 2 GB RAM,3GB RAM, 1.5GB RAM. 1GB RAM, I believe every phone has these days. I’ll be the one, standing with a class apart from all others, using the exquisite device which has not 1,not 2, not 3, a whopping 4GB RAM. This fact already puts me over the edge to buy the Zenfone 2. But, wait. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are more facts to come about this brilliant device.

2. The Boostmaster Adapter i.e Asus Charging Technology

Now, charging. I give you a situation. In the next 45 mins, there’s a birthday party at a friend’s home. And, your phone has zero percent charge. Asus has given the privilege now, to charge up your phone upto 60% in the next 39 mins. So, plug in your phone. Roam around and/or get ready for the party in the next 39 minutes and then, get ready to leave with your phone in the next 4-5 minutes. And then boast it your friends that, you just charged it for 39 minutes and then see their jaws drop.

3. IPS Gorilla glass display

IPS display is a must. So, Asus has been considerate to us in this part of the device as well. Asus has given a 1920 * 1080 Full HD 5.5 inch IPS screen. They also have added the Gorilla Glass 3 which is the newest in the Gorilla glass lineup. The Gorilla glass adds up safety to the screen of the beast. The Gorilla glass will help the screen to be safe from natural or artificial hazards. Imagine your phone falling down accidentally and then you just wipe it off your handkerchief and say, “Ah nothing would happen. It is equipped with Gorilla Glass”.

4. PixelMaster camera

The PixelMaster camera is one more thing which also forces you to absolutely buy the device. Now, tell me how many phones have this capability of clicking 400% brighter photos at night. Oh please do not guess, it has a flash. It doesn’t have a flash. But still it doesn’t fail to impress us with the brighter photos at low lights because it has the low light industry mode which helps in clicking awesome pictures at even low lights. Also, a notable fact about the Zenfone2 is, it has zero shutter lag. Which means that, when we just open the camera application, it instantly gets ready to click pictures, and when it clicks a picture, it has no lag and gets ready for the next photo to be clicked.

5. The 3000mAH battery

Now this is also a notable feature of the Zenfone2. Obviously how can one just think that so much features to power the phone with a super charger, will be charging a battery of less capacity? The Asus Zenfone2 has 3000mAH of battery to keep it going the whole day with infinite number of calls, messages, texts, music, and click click stuff as well. And I believe, even after a huge amount of usage, it will still have the energy to come home back with a reasonable amount of charge left.

So, these are my five reasons which are bound to redefine my smartphone experiences. There are way more many reasons to buy this amazing little beast. But the above five reasons would always put me over the edge for the Zenfone2 Experience.

This post is a part of the Asus Zenfone2 campaign!

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