Leaders with a Will of Steel: Part 1

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I would like to start this post with a note of thanks to BlogAdda and JSW Steel for giving me the opportunity to write about the leaders who have the Will of Steel and nominating them for the good deeds they have done, for the humanity.

Let’s come to my first nomination from my list of achievers of the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour award.

I’d love to ask a question to my readers right now. What is the staple food of the country called “India”?
This is a very basic question to all my readers who are residing in India right now. Obviously, even if you do a simple Wikipedia search on it, you would get the answer “Rice”. Now, what if the various varieties of the staple food of the country goes missing, how will the normal person survive? There might be other options, but would they actually suffice the needs of the masses?

So, as the fear of depletion of various types of rices was about to occur, Dr. Debal Deb came as a savior. He revived the depleting culture of Seed Exchange, and due to his efforts, a seed bank was opened in 1997, which was known as Vrihi. Vrihi in Sanskrit means Rice, and today, Vrihi is probably the largest seed exchange centre in West Bengal. Vrihi has managed to, distribute over 600 varieties of rice to farmers around 18 districts of Orissa and West Bengal. Also, due to Dr. Deb’s special efforts, he has managed to save 920 varieties of Rice which were supposed to deplete and vanish till now.

So, I believe Dr. Debal Deb, deserves the JSW #WillOfSteel honour.

My second nomination for the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour is Krishna Das, or affectionately known as “The Placard Man”

Krishna Das, was born in a small town somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. He didn’t find peace at home, so he ran away to the Himalayas. According to an excerpt of BBC, he had moments, when he gave up everything just for the sake of finding peace and religion. After spending around 10 years, and going to various places to share peace and unity to the world, he could be found at the Juhu Beach. His daily routine starts from 06.00 am IST, where he puts placards which are at a distance of 1 km along the whole coastline of Juhu Beach. He meditates there as well, and people who are interested, do talk to him about attaining peace and brotherhood. His placard reads as follows “Apne dharm pe chalo, sabse pyar karo (follow your religion, love everyone)”. And, I believe, he is a real life messenger of peace.

So, I think Krishna Das, deserves the JSW #WillOfSteel honour.

My third nomination for the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour is Raja, or famous as “Auto Raja”.

Raja, who was born in a very poor family, who used to steal things for a living, was detained in his younger days. Since the day, he was released, he vowed not to be a sinner anymore and he would live an honest life. He did live an honest life, but he also managed to do the welfare of the people, who live on the street and have no one who could take care of them. Raja managed to rescue around 3000 people from the streets of Bangalore, and took them to his rehabilitation centre with the help of his auto, and he also has cremated around 2000 homeless people with full rituals. His rehabilitation centre is known as the New Ark Mission of India, also known as the Home of Hope. And, giving a life to homeless people is something which normal people cannot do.

That’s why, I think that Raja deserves the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour.

My fourth nomination for the JSW #WillOfSteel is The Super 30 man, Anand Kumar from Patna, Bihar.

Anand’s father was a clerk and, due to insufficient conditions, he was unable to afford private schooling for his son. So, he had to enroll his son in a government Hindi medium school. During his school days, Anand developed his love for maths and since then, he kept working and learning maths. He submitted papers on the Number Theory during his graduation days.

What makes him notable, is, when a poor student came to him to seek coaching for IIT JEE, he couldn’t refuse him. From there, he got the idea of starting the Super 30. And, what makes him more famous is, he doesn’t accept any kind of grants or donations to support the Super 30. The students of the Super 30 programme are selected who are very intelligent but have a very poor economic status. Anand gives them food and lodging for one year, along with study material and courseware for the IIT JEE examination.
Due to these all above reasons, I believe Anand Kumar should get the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour.

My fifth nomination, is the duo Gyanendra and Monika Purohit.

You might be thinking, what did this couple do, which made them just as renowned. They, probably are one of those, who believe in equality. They brought a lot of change to the notion that deaf and dumb people cannot enjoy movies normally like us. The couple dubs movies, in sign language for the deaf and dumb people. Movies which they have dubbed in sign language till date are, the famous movie of Sholay, Munna Bhai MBBS, Tare Zameen Par and Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi. They are also planning to dub the TV Series Satyameva Jayate, which they would be doing because the deaf and dumb people of the country also want to know, what is right and what is not. All of their dubbed movies can be found at the Madhya Pradesh Deaf and Dumb Police Assistant Centre at Indore.

Because of their strong impact and change for the society, I would like to nominate them for the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour.

And my last nomination for the post is, Rajendra Singh, or the “Water Man” from Alwar, Rajasthan.

Water, as we all know, is an essential for our daily chores, and mainly, for drinking. We cannot survive without water. And this man, has achieved the impossible. He managed to save rainwater and collect it for future uses, for 850 villages across 11 districts in Rajasthan. He created a NGO, namely the Tarun Bharat Sangha which helped him in achieving this feat. He has managed to create 4500 artificial dams and saved the water from being depleted. He also has revived five drying rivers. He used the technique called “Johad” or earthen rainwater storage tanks, and also educated the villagers on how to save the rainwater. He is also known as the “Water Man of India” due to his ground-breaking techniques and ideas on saving water. He managed to resolve the issue of Alwar district in Rajasthan, which was once known as the “dark zone” due to depletion of water.

So, I would like to nominate him for the JSW #WillofSteel Honour.

These six nominees, I believe, deserve the JSW #WillOfSteel Honour, due to their commendable and incomparable work towards the society.

I also request my readers, to vote for them. And let them get the honour they deserve.

Iā€™m voting for Dr. Debal Deb, Krishna Das, Raja, Anand Kumar, Gyanendra and Monika Purohit and Rajendra Singh at #WillofSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.

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    congratulations on winning, kid šŸ™‚

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