No one can be saved!

Posted: April 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Today’s 7.5 richter earthquake opened my eyes. I want to ask you a question.

Can anyone, save himself or herself from the wrath of nature? Is it possible?

Everyone has a different perspective to this question. They’ll counter-question me. Should it mean we leave to pursue our dreams? I still remember the 2001 Bhuj earthquake which destroyed the city. Devastated thousands of lives. I was a kid back then. I did realize then, that an earthquake was happening. But, to my horror, my mom was inside the building. Me and my dad were off to the school for a speech probably.

When I returned back, I saw the news on the TV where everything was totally destroyed. So many dreams. So many homes. So many happy lives. Destroyed in a moment of a second. All finished.

I do not know, but rarely anyone has been able to predict accurate natural phenomena. Maybe seismographs and other such devices can predict. But I don’t think it’s too accurate.

Coming back, to the question. Should we give up our dreams? Just for a fear that, someday somewhere the nature will be too rough to be calm.

I believe,not. Maybe we could just save ourselves from the apocalypse. Nothing is precious than our lives. Nothing. It maybe too difficult to see our dream homes getting destroyed. But nothing is better than, living or seeing your loved ones are alive.

It is too difficult to restart everything from scratch. But believe me, the restart is worthwhile, a better way than someone else taking out your dead body from the debris.

I’d request everyone to know all the safety rules, regulations and ways on how to save yourself from every kind of natural calamities.

And I pray for all the victims of earthquakes that have either deceased or have lost their relatives or dream homes. I wish they gain enough power to restart their lives.

  1. Indrajit Das says:

    We are helpless front of nature !! Human race tortured and destroyed so much to Mother nature !! Now its the turn of nature

  2. Archana Kapoor says:

    my prayers as well…

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