Celebrating, my life!

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’d like to start with this fact that, can we ever find an answer to this question whether human beings are actually reborn or not?

According to me, a human is born in this beautiful place called earth, only once. So why not find occasions to rejoice? After all, we are born just once right! Everyone has the right to rejoice life whenever or wherever they can.

Though there’s this harsh fact that we find occasions to enjoy our lives, and to rejoice ourselves. I don’t think that rejoicing of our livelihood, shouldn’t be just limited to celebrating marriages, birthday parties and so on.

Like, I have a dream. A small dream which was probably passed on from my parents to me, and will be probably passed on to my future generations. Since childhood, I have seen my dad, leaving for office at morning 7am. He comes home late around 8pm. But, after he came back home, the home seemed to become lively. As if the house regained its state of chaos after a whole day of calmness.

The house becomes joyous and happy after dad comes home back. He always used to freshen up himself and then sit with us to discuss how was our day. It was something, we as kids always loved to do. Ranging from getting applauded in the classroom to standing on the bench, I loved to share everything with dad. That’s another case I didn’t even ask him about his office, but I always asked him whether his day was good or not.

Then after the small discussion, we had a better discussion on our dining table while we ate food. I always loved to share new ideas and thoughts. Also, dad never failed to amaze us because he always had something or the other to tell us. And I, as a kid used to understand or atleast try to understand what the discussion was about.

I am presently away from home, pursuing graduation. It all has ended back in 2012. But I still try my best to call mom dad whenever I complete my dinner early. If not, I have to call them every alternate day.

My idea of celebrating life is to have a happy family life with parents and/or spouses (if any). I believe, that I would love to change roles with my dad someday. Because I love the way he never shouted on us for anything. I’d love to raise my kids the same way my father raised me up. Because, after so much hustle bustle of the office and other work pressures, he still managed to remain all calm and appreciate every small good deed of mine. He never shouted on us. But he did make me understand every time I made a mistake. Which made me feel so guilty that I myself never repeated the mistake ever again.

I’m sure I’ll be able to rejoice my life all over again, when I’ll return back to my parents. Because without them, one cannot rejoice life everyday.

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  1. brunda bru says:

    That was a post that brought a smile!!Being lively and joyous after the days work is one exceptional talent and to be a role-model to their children is an honor,you have a amazing dad!
    happiness is bound to exist around parents:)

  2. Archana Kapoor says:

    lovely lovely 🙂 god bless!!

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