One breakup, which changed everything!

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So, it all ended, when Nitin was supposed to leave for AMS i.e Amsterdam, The Netherlands from Vladivostok. With a heavy heart, and dejection, Nitin Kumar, the investment banker, supposed to board the flight and tears dropped down at the partly empty airport.

After a long four year online relationship, and a very unexpected resignation from Credit Suisse, Nitin planned a trip to Vladivostok just to meet and stay with his girlfriend, Natalya who was studying at the Far Eastern State University. He knew that Natalya’s education would complete within a year and then, they would live together a happy life. But fate, seemed to decide something else.

It was a beautiful day, in the life of Nitin Kumar. Born and brought up in the streets of Allahabad, Nitin grew up as an average student till his graduation. But, his achievement started from the time he studied, and cracked GMAT examination after his graduation completed. His parents never wanted him to go abroad. But he was determined to kiss the success he would find soon enough. So, inspite of his parents multiple requests, Nitin left for Paris to pursue his dream. To be an investment banker. He had secured a brilliant score in the GMAT and also had cleared the HEC School of Management, Paris interview.

After reaching HEC, he finally realized where his interest was, and he excelled in his academics, which were pretty average during his graduation life. The course at HEC,Paris was of two years. He had to live in Paris for the next two years. Also, not to mention, he did roam a lot, and to my knowledge he did visit every country in which the Schengen area was included. Though he never knew, the visit and seminar in Maryland, would turn out to change his life.

He visited the University of Maryland, for a short seminar on Business Economics. There, he spotted the very beautiful Natalya Sheremetyev. Natalya was in the first year of her graduation, and she was the only lucky one, representing her university at the University of Maryland, USA. Incidentally both were alloted seats for the seminar, one beside the other.

Talks exchanged, and then both were attracted by their physical appearances. Namely, Nitin fell for Natalya’s beauty and Natalya fell for Nitin’s charming attitude. Soon,lives started exchanging. From phone calls, to late night/early morning messages, and riots of laughter and heart to heart conversations, the love grew more between them.

Then, as days passed, Nitin graduated from HEC as well. He also, secured a perfect job. A dream job he yearned for. But a lot of changes had occured in these past two-three years. He lost both his parents in these two years. That too, with the same ailment. Heart attack. The sadness grew more. And more and more. But he always had one person to bank upon. Natalya.

After four years of a long loved relationship, Nitin broke the stereotype. He finally gave up his job in Credit Suisse, and decided to leave for Vladivostok, to live with his girlfriend. But he could rarely decipher the dark future which was about to come and hit him soon. He boarded the Aeroflot SU4455 towards Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport, and from  Moscow, he boarded the Aeroflot SU1700 towards Vladivostok. I doubt whether no one could be happier than him. But who knew what was he thinking in his mind?

After the eye contact, with Natalya, and exchanging tears, they went to the hotel where Nitin was supposed to stay at. There, they started to chart out the long term plan on what was supposed to be done, from there.

So, finally Nitin got a job at the Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Vladivostok, which was amazing and even Natalya was happy with it. After that, he also rented a house and a car. He knew he will buy them, but for the time being, he thought of renting them. But, after working hours and on free days he had nothing to do around. So he started to ask people what hobby he can start to do with. A friend of him suggested him to write and submit blogs at .

He found that the website had a lot of fellow minded Indian bloggers and other bloggers who were pretty much away from home and so on. He liked them too much and started interaction with those bloggers. It made him feel, as if he were at home. All those talk made him feel comfortable and cozy, back there in an unknown city. And Natalya lived at his home only, like a wife.

So everything continued for a whole year, and everything seemed to be absolutely perfect. Love growing between them, and Natalya was supposed to graduate that year. But suddenly one day everything turned dark. Everything. Which turned Nitin’s life exactly 360 degrees from the time he was living there.

So on that dark day, Nitin went to his ofice as usual. Natalya messaged him that she had reached college. He was assured. But, that day there were less customers in the bank, and the Bank-in-charge said, “Nitin, you can leave early today”. So, he was happy that today he will pick Natalya up from her university. But what was going to happen, that he couldn’t even guess.

So he left the office building around 5.00pm and headed towards the university which was 15-20 mins drive from the office. So, what happened was, after reaching the university campus, he was informed that Natalya left from college towards home at 3:30 everyday. Nitin knew that her college ended at 5pm everyday, and that day he wanted to give Natalya a surprise. But he was taken aback because, he was atonished to know that she went home early everyday. Yet till that time he was positive. So, he headed towards home, and then the real story starts.

Now, Nitin saw that she was already at home. But, there was a twist. Nitin peeked from the window, and saw another man, who was probably of his age. But he kept quiet and saw the whole thing happening. He saw Natalya going to the kitchen, and that man followed her. They came out, hugging each other, and started getting intimate. Just during that moment, Natalya spotted Nitin at the windows.

Whereas, Nitin, totally shook from the core, had no words to explain. He was terribly shocked. How can a lady have an affair with someone else inspite of the fact that he loved her so much.

Natalya tried to explain him so much that they two had nothing between them and its common to kiss and hug. But everything was in vain. Nitin was adamant. He kept silence, till he wanted to. Distances increased, and then, one fine day Nitin couldn’t take it any longer. He decided to leave his job, and go back to the place from where he belonged to. But, he had no option to return back to Paris. Credit Suisse won’t recruit him back.

So, he started to find a job without notifying Natalya about it. The distance was too much. They wouldn’t talk to each other for days or months. But, still Nitin knew it had to end some day. The crack in the glass, couldn’t be mended with any kind of solution.

And, one day before he left, he gave his resignation letter. The day he was supposed to board the flight, he left his office after collecting the work experience certificate and after completing all his formalities, he headed towards the airport. He knew, that after one year, he was supposed to buy the car and the house. But the one, who was supposed to run the house, isn’t trustworthy, so how will she be able to run the house.

He reached the airport around 6:30 pm. Reaching early, he started jotting down some points and simultaneously started writing a small article on “Love,lost and found”. When his flight was announced, he finished writing and uploaded his post on, web checked in himself, and sat till the final announcement was to be done.

Here Natalya was searching him like anything. He didn’t even feel the urge to inform her, about his permanent departure from the soviet country. But, she saw the web- checkin, and tried to message him, but in vain. He was already sitting inside the airport. She tried for the last time, and shouted “Nitin, please don’t leave me, please”.”Give me one last chance please”.

Nitin actually took a ticket from Vladivostok to Amsterdam. Because, while he interacted with people on, he found a banker who also shared similiar interests with him. He asked the other banker about opportunities, and he instantly said, “There’s a vacancy for an investment banker at Amsterdam. The bank is not much known, but it should suffice you”. He instantly decided, he will leave. With all his aspirations and love broken, he had nothing to live in Vladivostok. The person, for whom he left Credit Suisse, cheated on him. So how could he live?

But then, Nitin saw Natalya shouting to him. He tried ignoring her, but he couldn’t. He just, ran back to her, inspite of the past grudge, or whatever he had on her. He just hugged her, and he forgot everything. They just, went back together, while the flight left toward its own destination.

Both started searching for a new life. Searching for a better life. But, away from Vladivostok 🙂

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