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So, I was pestering Shweta a lot to meet up. Oh yes I’ll introduce her to you as well. But for now, do know that I was irritating her a lot, to meet up.

Shweta is the famous Twitter celeb @Dsilvastar. i.e Shweta D’Silva. She lives in Jamnagar, which is probably the westernmost point of India. And it takes a lot of time to visit Jamnagar( of course I’m a student so I won’t be able to visit Jamnagar via plane).

Now, incidentally, I met two of my twitter besties on the same day itself. So, I was insisting her to meetup. But she couldn’t give time, because of her busy schedule. And finally, the day she was leaving, I called her to know her whereabouts.She then replied, my BDTS Jamnagar Express train is at 4.30 and will leave from Bandra Terminus. If you could reach on time then come, else skip. We could meet someday later maybe. Now, I understood that, this could be the one last chance to meet because, as she lived in Jamnagar, it would obviously be difficult for me to visit Jamnagar skipping college and tuitions. Hence, I took it as a challenge and left for Bandra Terminus around 3.30pm. I was at Worli, so I caught the Sea-link and then within 4.10 I was at Bandra Terminus.

Now, I was in a dilemma. If I had to buy a platform ticket, I won’t be able to meet her, and then the effort would be in vain. My conscience chose to be unethical, and I simply rushed to the platform where, the BDTS-Jamnagar Express was standing. I called her up to know her coach, and she was shocked to know that I had come without a platform ticket. Ah but who cares, what matters is, I was able to meet her. She greeted me, and then I met her mother as well. She was telling that she couldn’t even expect me, coming at such a short notice. Though, we talked for maximum of, around 10 mins and then the train left.

Now, as I was returning the TTE caught me. I knew that was coming. So, I said him, I forgot to buy the platform ticket. I had to pay a fine of around 100 INR ( because student id 😀 ….else it would have been 250 INR) and then left Bandra Terminus.

I still remember running through the platform because her coach was a bit far from the starting point of the terminus. But, trust me, the fine which I paid was worthwhile, meeting Shweta.

After that I left to meet another friend. Let’s keep that story for another day, maybe.

Also, sincere thanks to Shweta for giving me time! I do miss you though.


All in one,Airtel!

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I’d like to thank Airtel, first of all. Because of its unparalleled achievement in the field of network. Trust me, whenever I went home from college, after a long hectic semester, I used to worry first, whether should I change my sim card or not. But, I never had to change my sim card, because throughout the journey from Kolkata to Mumbai, there wasn’t a single area where I didn’t get network reception. It was full all the time and Airtel was considerate enough to welcome me to various states, time to time.

Coming back to the Airtel App. I’d like to say that I already have the app installed since long time on my droid phone. But I had to update it. Why? Because there are various reasons, the new updated app provided me. There are so many features of the updated version of the my Airtel App. Like Bill payments, tracking account usage, checking last recharges, checking the balance, recharging someone else’s account, adding the family to the list, and so on.

But there are a few noticeable facts which I would like to mention about the My Airtel App which absolutely suits my lifestyle.

1.Being a student at present, I always have to keep an eye on my account usage. How much data has been spent, how many calls I have done, how much talktime did I recharge in the last few days, and so on. If there is a slight excess in my expenditure, I’ll get a call from Dad on the very same Airtel number, asking about the reason for my expenditure! So, have to keep a tab on the account usage of my number.

2.Second important feature of My Airtel App is, shake to get offers. Oh yes, who wouldn’t love to get a full talk time offer just by shaking the phone. And also other offers as well. This is a very much required feature for students like us because, who would pay higher amounts for full talktime, when you could simply shake your phone and get some awesome deals!

3.The third and the last feature I would like to mention is, recharging the DTH. My dad is half the time away from the network area because of his job profile. My mom is obviously not that level of tech savvy to operate my Macbook Pro to recharge the AirTel D2H services.But hey, I have my smartphone right. I would simply open My Airtel App, then go to the Airtel Money option, check the balance, and simply pay the Airtel D2h services. No hassles of connecting the Macbook to the internet and so on. Just login, go to Airtel Money, and poof! recharge successful!

So, these are the three reasons which I would like to mention. There are other various services but, I personally feel these three services deserved to get a mention, as far as my lifestyle and way of living is concerned. This is why they say, “Switch to Airtel and Experience the difference.”

This post is a part of the new My Airtel App campaign.

So, while moving around the finalists gallery at Pepsi IPL, I found two super amusing and amazing ads which I feel, the viewers would definitely love to watch them.Let me give you a little overview about these two ads and then will explain them why I feel these ads deserve to be the winner.

The first ad is basically the difference between the northern regions of India and the southern regions of India.And the second ad is mainly, all about desiring to have a sip of Pepsi. Mainly, these two ads are enough to explain, what is the power of Pepsi. A simple can or bottle of Pepsi can just, change your mind or find similarities between two different kinds of people. I’ll discuss it in detail as soon as I finish this small overview.

First ad is mainly about the two families sitting beside. Basically, from the outline we could decipher that one family is a North-Indian family and the other is a South-Indian family. The two are basically, having a debate over their choices and preferences. First the North Indian family, show their food stuff. Then the South Indian family counter react. But then, when one of the families show a bottle of Pepsi, they realize, they all are eventually same. Because then they both become equal, and same. Thanks to the bottle of Pepsi.

The second ad is about desire. A desire to drink Pepsi. There are a few girls who could be seen practising Yoga with the help of their Yoga Teacher. They could be seen perspiring and wanting to sip something. But due to their eyes closed, they can’t sip the bottle of Pepsi. When their meditation was broken, they saw that their instructor was simply holding a single bottle of Pepsi in his hands. But later when he unwrapped his white coat, there were a lot of cans for all the ladies there.

So, these two ads show us, that either desires or difference in the cultures and upbringing does not matter. What matters is, the fact that everything, everyone is equal, when it comes to a bottle of Pepsi. Why? Because, no one, I repeat, No one can simply keep the bottle or can of Pepsi away from themselves. And, it is the only kind of drink which is able to unite everyone. You may be from North, South, East, West. But Pepsi has the power, to unite you with everyone else. Cheers to that, my friend!

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Creativeness means Pepsi

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So finally,the pepsi ads have selected. Was scrolling through all the finalist ads. But there are some things, which are bound to capture your eyesight. Yes! There are some things. Amidst all the chaos and other similar Pepsi ads being popped up on your screen, you are bound to get lost in the sea of Pepsi ads by users. But, believe me, if you have a keen eyesight, you will definitely notice the efforts of two of my favourite advertisements. I will be explaining, in detail below, that why, in the name of God, I’ll vote these two ads, so that they could be the winner.

The first ad I’d like to mention is Selective Hearing by Pranav Bhasin. Now, when I saw the ad, I felt that the shopkeeper was biased. But trust me, Pepsi is so awesome that, one has to be biased,right? In the first few seconds we see that the man asks water from the shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper couldn’t hear the words. Why? Because the shopkeeper is simply deaf for all other beverages. But when a small kid comes by and asks for a bottle of Pepsi, he readily gives him two options, whether Diet Pepsi or Normal Pepsi. Our man gets astonished, and then the shopkeeper makes fun of him. This is absolutely awesome ,because the shopkeeper knew that he will sell only Pepsi. Which is sheer fun, because the men who will ask for other beverages will be ignored.

The second ad which I would like to mention is, Unite Nations by Santhosh Nagarajan. Beautifully presented, using colours. It is basically a graphic ad, which doesn’t feature any person. But using colours, Santhosh has been able to show to the world that, it is just Pepsi, which unites the whole world and nothing else.He has used various kinds of colour for ease of understanding. First he showed some players, playing in blue, which obviously meant India. I was somewhat confused by the red colour, because in the middle Holland used the red colour. But finally I realized it was England’s jersey. Also he showed some players in green which definitely indicated Pakistan. So, using various colours, he showed that inspite being differentiated by land borders and countries, the players are all one. United and together. Why? Because of Pepsi. Pepsi is the uniting factor, between all those players of various countries, and places.

So, these are the two ads I will be putting forth, and I myself would vote for them as well,so that they could be the winners!

I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

So, what does women empowerment mean to you? More power to women,eh! Or maybe sending your wives and daughters and sisters to office to work? Is it so? I agree, girls should be sent to schools and should be educated more and more and more. But does that mean underestimating the ones who haven’t been able to pursue education, or who don’t go to office?

Firstly, I’d like to raise the concept of, housewives. I sincerely request my readers, to stop addressing your mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, or any female relative as housewife. Remember she is her husband’s wife. Not the house’s wife. Also, I’ve seen the Indian society is upgrading a lot. But does it mean, that we should neglect the ones who have been successful at their homes as well?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a best friend. He was like, “My sister could have worked man, she is a MBA. I don’t understand why does she stay at home and laze all day.” When enquired, her sister told me that she disliked travelling in public places and so, she helped her husband in his business as well. That gave her husband a helping hand, and someone to rely and discuss with, as well.

You might ask me, why did I write this article? Now, let me explain.

I was at a remote village deep in West Bengal. There obviously, I thought that women might simply do household chores and other such similar things all day long. But when I spend a whole day with one of my paternal aunt, it forced me to write about it, and put some light on the topic, that women who do not go to work, also are successful and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Let me explain the whole day then. In the morning, she woke me up early in the morning. And, gave a lecture on how waking up before sun is useful for a healthy body. Then, I was expecting, the whole day will be boring and so on. But then, it suddenly changed. Normally, in the remote areas, the people of the village have lunch early, so she made the lunch for us kids and then, sat down at the front-yard with a few other women. I thought then, they may be discussing things about the villages and all. But no! Soon enough, a minivan came, and a lot of sarees, nicely packed, were dropped in the front-yard. I thought, why so much sarees? Then Pishi (we call our paternal aunts Pishi in Bengali) explained me, that she was the leader of the team, and they all do embroidery work on sarees and then, they get payment for the work done, on a daily basis wage, like a salary. She was the one who organized and initiated the idea. I was stunned. Ladies in villages, are also employed finally. That too without, going to the office.

I asked her whether I could click pictures. But she said, the other ladies are not too comfortable with clicking their pictures. I had to respect their privacy.

Since then, my notion was shattered. Obviously, I do respect ladies who pursued education and are at par with men. But, I also do respect women, who stay back at home, raise kids, and do interesting things as well. In spite of staying at home.

And my sincere request is, please do not underestimate ladies, who chose to stay back at home, over going to office.

Sincerely speaking, I’d always want my death to be mysteriously mysterious. Because, everyone dies normally, right. I feel sad though for those who have died untimely. But it’s not that easy to control your life and death. Because, if a human cannot control his/her breath, how will he control his/her own life?

Though I’d like to put some light on the topic of my death. Now, I personally feel, my parents shouldn’t be present during my death. Believe me, a father/mother seeing their own child dead in front of their eyes, can never explain their grief in words. Also, there are some things, which I would like to achieve in the chronological order.

1. A Post Graduation Management degree from a top notch B-School.
2. Reaching the Apex of the Corporate ladder without any hassles.
3. Getting a CXO level job, where X= Operations, Finance, Executive, Human Resource, etc within 15-20 years of my corporate experience.
4. 180 countries, 6 years. Paris with mom because it is her last wish,before she leaves us forever.
5. Raising some well-bred kids with the help of my future wife (P.S I still don’t know who is she.)
6. Owning a home (or rather a flat) in South Mumbai, where I was brought up. Twenty two years, my parents lived there. Yet my parents are unable to buy a home in Mumbai due to the high property rates i.e on a square feet basis.
7. Buying a BMW 750Li series second hand car. Now you would think, why second hand? My dad always says me, never buy a new car just after you learn driving. Because, when you would accidentally crash your new car, your heart will simultaneously break along with the dented part of your car.
8. Getting a Stevie Award, in or after 2028.

So, these are the eight wishes, which I would like to fulfil before my death.

Now comes planning of my death.

At the very age of 65 or 70, I’ll get my priorities right. Would leave towards the Andaman & Nicobar islands and/or Lakshadweep islands, without informing anyone. Will try to uplift and help the local tribal people and take care of them. And, maybe one fine day, I’ll simply sip my morning coffee, sitting on a Hammock, reading the Business Standard, and then suddenly die of heart attack maybe.

This is a long-short story of the plan. Though before my death, I would like to see the poor people of the country getting meal twice a day, and the transgender people, will simply have an equal status in the society.

Also, death would be somewhat mysterious according to me. Maybe I can try to explore the uncharted waters of the Bermuda triangle. Or Antarctica maybe? But no. In the old age, life should be simple. I doubt, that my family wouldn’t let me go. But I believe, I’ll simply move away from them. And they need not do the rituals. I learnt this from my mom. Even she doesn’t want any kind of rituals to done post her death, because, she believes, the rituals which have been performed are simply, illogical and are a taboo to the society. Hence no kind of rituals will be performed after my death.

So, this is my planning. I do hope death comes to me, but not now,please!

So, finally after five years of usage, of my Acer Aspire 5542G laptop, I took a leap of faith finally, and bought the Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN/A from Reliance Digital on the 26th of April, 2015. I was happy on the very first day that I finally got hands on a Macbook Pro. But, then who knew the joy was short lived.

I was familiar with the OSX because I did use some of the older versions of OSX on my Acer Laptop using simulators. And, luckily the OSX was Yosemite. I didn’t know much about Yosemite but, I pretty much remember that the OSX Yosemite version was 10.10.4 running on my newest Macbook Pro. I wish I could have the screenshot to prove, otherwise. But all the Macbook Pro of the same version have OSX 10.10.4 running on them. I’ll explain later why did I mention this fact.

Now, I had a massive external hard drive of Seagate Technologies, which was of 2 Terabytes. As I knew I had to transfer some files on the Macbook Pro,I connected it to the Macbook Pro and then, tried to copy my files from the external hard disk to the Macbook Pro. But it was not happening. The files could just only read. I’m still trying to find a solution to it but nonetheless.

Then I found the Seagate Technologies special installer for the Macbook Pro. I installed it without any hassles. But who knew it would bring a huge level of apocalypse in my house. I installed it, copied files and shut my Macbook Pro down (please note, henceforth I’ll address it as MBP because Macbook Pro is too long to even pronounce).

Next day morning, I was supposed to write an article. But when I switched on the Macbook Pro, I could find that it was showing a boot error. In non technical words, it was not starting up. So, forcibly my dad had to visit the Apple Authorized service centre. First they seemed to be casual, but when my dad explained the matter, they explained that the OS was somehow corrupted and, due to which the laptop was unable to boot itself. So they would replace the OS free of cost for the first time, but they would charge around 2,900 INR for the next time whenever the OS gets corrupted or whatever. (Mind you, OSX Yosemite is free to download, all MBP users know it)

So, they installed the OS and gave it back to dad. When I came back home today, I was astonished to see that they had given me an older version of the OSX Yosemite. Dad was not familiar with the OSX versions so he had no clue. Now, I feel somewhat duped, but I have no regrets though.

I do feel, at times, why did I even switch to Apple ? For a change like this ? or for something better ? Maybe time will tell me that.

P.S I wrote this article on the same MBP only, the degraded MBP. 10.10.3 instead of the original one 10.10.4.