What could be #EkNayiLeague?

Posted: May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

I know I’m too bad at guessing things. But I would like to guess what’s going on in Kapil Dev’s mind!

Here, I’d like to start with some achievements of the person who is about to probably make a new league! Mr. Kapil Dev. I guess my readers already know about all his achievements. If not, then let me mention some of his notable achievements!

He was just 27 years when he became the youngest test cricketer to take 300 wickets. He also has played 131 test series and 225 ODIs in during his cricket career. Also, India won it’s first victory in the ICC World Cup 1983, thanks to the efforts of this dynamic person. He also has a record of holding the most innings in his complete career without being run out.

Now, this person has planned to make a team. Also, while I was going through his videos about #EkNayiLeague , I noticed that he was pretty much mentioning the fact that “If you play with your heart, you will get a googly”. Which also indicates that think with your mind and not with your heart.

I would like to suppose two things here. First maybe a new kind of insurance company which would provide new kind of policies to its customers and if not that, then it must be a game show, where his team will compete and, maybe win prizes.

Now the question arises will be, why insurance policy? Let me guess. In one of the videos, Kapil had mentioned about Dhoni retiring, and playing well with his well organized team. Also, he mentioned Sania Mirza as well, who was a brilliant player. Maybe, he and his hand picked team will explain us, to think with our mind, and then not with the heart. Because, you never know what would happen the next moment. And maybe life won’t give you enough time to think with your heart.

Second would be, as he mentioned Dhoni, Sania and Kapil Sharma (who is a famous comedian in India) , there would be more players in his team, who are already renowned, and there our Kapil sir will instruct them, how to use your mind while playing the games in the TV show and not your heart. Else if you use your heart, you are bound to get a googly. I do think strongly that it maybe a game but again a second thought comes whether it is a game show or not.

Also, Kapil sir mentions repeatedly “Don’t play with your heart” which I indirectly take it as play with your mind. I would have loved to be a part of Kapil sir’s dynamic team, which would play his new league. A league where if we play with our heart, we will simply get bold, or get caught out, or may face a googly.

Here ends my guessing opportunity.I do hope that atleast one of these come true. And, as far as Kapil sir is concerned, a reply to him that “Yes sir, we won’t play with our heart. But we will play with our minds.”

This post is a part of the new #EkNayiLeague campaign.

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