Thank You, Apple Inc (for the hostility).

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized
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So, finally after five years of usage, of my Acer Aspire 5542G laptop, I took a leap of faith finally, and bought the Apple Macbook Pro MD101HN/A from Reliance Digital on the 26th of April, 2015. I was happy on the very first day that I finally got hands on a Macbook Pro. But, then who knew the joy was short lived.

I was familiar with the OSX because I did use some of the older versions of OSX on my Acer Laptop using simulators. And, luckily the OSX was Yosemite. I didn’t know much about Yosemite but, I pretty much remember that the OSX Yosemite version was 10.10.4 running on my newest Macbook Pro. I wish I could have the screenshot to prove, otherwise. But all the Macbook Pro of the same version have OSX 10.10.4 running on them. I’ll explain later why did I mention this fact.

Now, I had a massive external hard drive of Seagate Technologies, which was of 2 Terabytes. As I knew I had to transfer some files on the Macbook Pro,I connected it to the Macbook Pro and then, tried to copy my files from the external hard disk to the Macbook Pro. But it was not happening. The files could just only read. I’m still trying to find a solution to it but nonetheless.

Then I found the Seagate Technologies special installer for the Macbook Pro. I installed it without any hassles. But who knew it would bring a huge level of apocalypse in my house. I installed it, copied files and shut my Macbook Pro down (please note, henceforth I’ll address it as MBP because Macbook Pro is too long to even pronounce).

Next day morning, I was supposed to write an article. But when I switched on the Macbook Pro, I could find that it was showing a boot error. In non technical words, it was not starting up. So, forcibly my dad had to visit the Apple Authorized service centre. First they seemed to be casual, but when my dad explained the matter, they explained that the OS was somehow corrupted and, due to which the laptop was unable to boot itself. So they would replace the OS free of cost for the first time, but they would charge around 2,900 INR for the next time whenever the OS gets corrupted or whatever. (Mind you, OSX Yosemite is free to download, all MBP users know it)

So, they installed the OS and gave it back to dad. When I came back home today, I was astonished to see that they had given me an older version of the OSX Yosemite. Dad was not familiar with the OSX versions so he had no clue. Now, I feel somewhat duped, but I have no regrets though.

I do feel, at times, why did I even switch to Apple ? For a change like this ? or for something better ? Maybe time will tell me that.

P.S I wrote this article on the same MBP only, the degraded MBP. 10.10.3 instead of the original one 10.10.4.

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