My Death : A mysterious one!

Posted: May 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

Sincerely speaking, I’d always want my death to be mysteriously mysterious. Because, everyone dies normally, right. I feel sad though for those who have died untimely. But it’s not that easy to control your life and death. Because, if a human cannot control his/her breath, how will he control his/her own life?

Though I’d like to put some light on the topic of my death. Now, I personally feel, my parents shouldn’t be present during my death. Believe me, a father/mother seeing their own child dead in front of their eyes, can never explain their grief in words. Also, there are some things, which I would like to achieve in the chronological order.

1. A Post Graduation Management degree from a top notch B-School.
2. Reaching the Apex of the Corporate ladder without any hassles.
3. Getting a CXO level job, where X= Operations, Finance, Executive, Human Resource, etc within 15-20 years of my corporate experience.
4. 180 countries, 6 years. Paris with mom because it is her last wish,before she leaves us forever.
5. Raising some well-bred kids with the help of my future wife (P.S I still don’t know who is she.)
6. Owning a home (or rather a flat) in South Mumbai, where I was brought up. Twenty two years, my parents lived there. Yet my parents are unable to buy a home in Mumbai due to the high property rates i.e on a square feet basis.
7. Buying a BMW 750Li series second hand car. Now you would think, why second hand? My dad always says me, never buy a new car just after you learn driving. Because, when you would accidentally crash your new car, your heart will simultaneously break along with the dented part of your car.
8. Getting a Stevie Award, in or after 2028.

So, these are the eight wishes, which I would like to fulfil before my death.

Now comes planning of my death.

At the very age of 65 or 70, I’ll get my priorities right. Would leave towards the Andaman & Nicobar islands and/or Lakshadweep islands, without informing anyone. Will try to uplift and help the local tribal people and take care of them. And, maybe one fine day, I’ll simply sip my morning coffee, sitting on a Hammock, reading the Business Standard, and then suddenly die of heart attack maybe.

This is a long-short story of the plan. Though before my death, I would like to see the poor people of the country getting meal twice a day, and the transgender people, will simply have an equal status in the society.

Also, death would be somewhat mysterious according to me. Maybe I can try to explore the uncharted waters of the Bermuda triangle. Or Antarctica maybe? But no. In the old age, life should be simple. I doubt, that my family wouldn’t let me go. But I believe, I’ll simply move away from them. And they need not do the rituals. I learnt this from my mom. Even she doesn’t want any kind of rituals to done post her death, because, she believes, the rituals which have been performed are simply, illogical and are a taboo to the society. Hence no kind of rituals will be performed after my death.

So, this is my planning. I do hope death comes to me, but not now,please!

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