Women empowerment, not only going to office!

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, what does women empowerment mean to you? More power to women,eh! Or maybe sending your wives and daughters and sisters to office to work? Is it so? I agree, girls should be sent to schools and should be educated more and more and more. But does that mean underestimating the ones who haven’t been able to pursue education, or who don’t go to office?

Firstly, I’d like to raise the concept of, housewives. I sincerely request my readers, to stop addressing your mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, or any female relative as housewife. Remember she is her husband’s wife. Not the house’s wife. Also, I’ve seen the Indian society is upgrading a lot. But does it mean, that we should neglect the ones who have been successful at their homes as well?

Recently, I was having a conversation with a best friend. He was like, “My sister could have worked man, she is a MBA. I don’t understand why does she stay at home and laze all day.” When enquired, her sister told me that she disliked travelling in public places and so, she helped her husband in his business as well. That gave her husband a helping hand, and someone to rely and discuss with, as well.

You might ask me, why did I write this article? Now, let me explain.

I was at a remote village deep in West Bengal. There obviously, I thought that women might simply do household chores and other such similar things all day long. But when I spend a whole day with one of my paternal aunt, it forced me to write about it, and put some light on the topic, that women who do not go to work, also are successful and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Let me explain the whole day then. In the morning, she woke me up early in the morning. And, gave a lecture on how waking up before sun is useful for a healthy body. Then, I was expecting, the whole day will be boring and so on. But then, it suddenly changed. Normally, in the remote areas, the people of the village have lunch early, so she made the lunch for us kids and then, sat down at the front-yard with a few other women. I thought then, they may be discussing things about the villages and all. But no! Soon enough, a minivan came, and a lot of sarees, nicely packed, were dropped in the front-yard. I thought, why so much sarees? Then Pishi (we call our paternal aunts Pishi in Bengali) explained me, that she was the leader of the team, and they all do embroidery work on sarees and then, they get payment for the work done, on a daily basis wage, like a salary. She was the one who organized and initiated the idea. I was stunned. Ladies in villages, are also employed finally. That too without, going to the office.

I asked her whether I could click pictures. But she said, the other ladies are not too comfortable with clicking their pictures. I had to respect their privacy.

Since then, my notion was shattered. Obviously, I do respect ladies who pursued education and are at par with men. But, I also do respect women, who stay back at home, raise kids, and do interesting things as well. In spite of staying at home.

And my sincere request is, please do not underestimate ladies, who chose to stay back at home, over going to office.

  1. This is the true face of women empowerment…

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