All in one,Airtel!

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

I’d like to thank Airtel, first of all. Because of its unparalleled achievement in the field of network. Trust me, whenever I went home from college, after a long hectic semester, I used to worry first, whether should I change my sim card or not. But, I never had to change my sim card, because throughout the journey from Kolkata to Mumbai, there wasn’t a single area where I didn’t get network reception. It was full all the time and Airtel was considerate enough to welcome me to various states, time to time.

Coming back to the Airtel App. I’d like to say that I already have the app installed since long time on my droid phone. But I had to update it. Why? Because there are various reasons, the new updated app provided me. There are so many features of the updated version of the my Airtel App. Like Bill payments, tracking account usage, checking last recharges, checking the balance, recharging someone else’s account, adding the family to the list, and so on.

But there are a few noticeable facts which I would like to mention about the My Airtel App which absolutely suits my lifestyle.

1.Being a student at present, I always have to keep an eye on my account usage. How much data has been spent, how many calls I have done, how much talktime did I recharge in the last few days, and so on. If there is a slight excess in my expenditure, I’ll get a call from Dad on the very same Airtel number, asking about the reason for my expenditure! So, have to keep a tab on the account usage of my number.

2.Second important feature of My Airtel App is, shake to get offers. Oh yes, who wouldn’t love to get a full talk time offer just by shaking the phone. And also other offers as well. This is a very much required feature for students like us because, who would pay higher amounts for full talktime, when you could simply shake your phone and get some awesome deals!

3.The third and the last feature I would like to mention is, recharging the DTH. My dad is half the time away from the network area because of his job profile. My mom is obviously not that level of tech savvy to operate my Macbook Pro to recharge the AirTel D2H services.But hey, I have my smartphone right. I would simply open My Airtel App, then go to the Airtel Money option, check the balance, and simply pay the Airtel D2h services. No hassles of connecting the Macbook to the internet and so on. Just login, go to Airtel Money, and poof! recharge successful!

So, these are the three reasons which I would like to mention. There are other various services but, I personally feel these three services deserved to get a mention, as far as my lifestyle and way of living is concerned. This is why they say, “Switch to Airtel and Experience the difference.”

This post is a part of the new My Airtel App campaign.

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