Creativeness means Pepsi

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

So finally,the pepsi ads have selected. Was scrolling through all the finalist ads. But there are some things, which are bound to capture your eyesight. Yes! There are some things. Amidst all the chaos and other similar Pepsi ads being popped up on your screen, you are bound to get lost in the sea of Pepsi ads by users. But, believe me, if you have a keen eyesight, you will definitely notice the efforts of two of my favourite advertisements. I will be explaining, in detail below, that why, in the name of God, I’ll vote these two ads, so that they could be the winner.

The first ad I’d like to mention is Selective Hearing by Pranav Bhasin. Now, when I saw the ad, I felt that the shopkeeper was biased. But trust me, Pepsi is so awesome that, one has to be biased,right? In the first few seconds we see that the man asks water from the shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper couldn’t hear the words. Why? Because the shopkeeper is simply deaf for all other beverages. But when a small kid comes by and asks for a bottle of Pepsi, he readily gives him two options, whether Diet Pepsi or Normal Pepsi. Our man gets astonished, and then the shopkeeper makes fun of him. This is absolutely awesome ,because the shopkeeper knew that he will sell only Pepsi. Which is sheer fun, because the men who will ask for other beverages will be ignored.

The second ad which I would like to mention is, Unite Nations by Santhosh Nagarajan. Beautifully presented, using colours. It is basically a graphic ad, which doesn’t feature any person. But using colours, Santhosh has been able to show to the world that, it is just Pepsi, which unites the whole world and nothing else.He has used various kinds of colour for ease of understanding. First he showed some players, playing in blue, which obviously meant India. I was somewhat confused by the red colour, because in the middle Holland used the red colour. But finally I realized it was England’s jersey. Also he showed some players in green which definitely indicated Pakistan. So, using various colours, he showed that inspite being differentiated by land borders and countries, the players are all one. United and together. Why? Because of Pepsi. Pepsi is the uniting factor, between all those players of various countries, and places.

So, these are the two ads I will be putting forth, and I myself would vote for them as well,so that they could be the winners!

Iā€™m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

  1. Very well collected fun post bro! Took a special time to visit this site from indiblogger! Good one, keep going šŸ™‚

    Tanishq Sharma Pehchaan India

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