Creativity at its best : Pepsi!

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, while moving around the finalists gallery at Pepsi IPL, I found two super amusing and amazing ads which I feel, the viewers would definitely love to watch them.Let me give you a little overview about these two ads and then will explain them why I feel these ads deserve to be the winner.

The first ad is basically the difference between the northern regions of India and the southern regions of India.And the second ad is mainly, all about desiring to have a sip of Pepsi. Mainly, these two ads are enough to explain, what is the power of Pepsi. A simple can or bottle of Pepsi can just, change your mind or find similarities between two different kinds of people. I’ll discuss it in detail as soon as I finish this small overview.

First ad is mainly about the two families sitting beside. Basically, from the outline we could decipher that one family is a North-Indian family and the other is a South-Indian family. The two are basically, having a debate over their choices and preferences. First the North Indian family, show their food stuff. Then the South Indian family counter react. But then, when one of the families show a bottle of Pepsi, they realize, they all are eventually same. Because then they both become equal, and same. Thanks to the bottle of Pepsi.

The second ad is about desire. A desire to drink Pepsi. There are a few girls who could be seen practising Yoga with the help of their Yoga Teacher. They could be seen perspiring and wanting to sip something. But due to their eyes closed, they can’t sip the bottle of Pepsi. When their meditation was broken, they saw that their instructor was simply holding a single bottle of Pepsi in his hands. But later when he unwrapped his white coat, there were a lot of cans for all the ladies there.

So, these two ads show us, that either desires or difference in the cultures and upbringing does not matter. What matters is, the fact that everything, everyone is equal, when it comes to a bottle of Pepsi. Why? Because, no one, I repeat, No one can simply keep the bottle or can of Pepsi away from themselves. And, it is the only kind of drink which is able to unite everyone. You may be from North, South, East, West. But Pepsi has the power, to unite you with everyone else. Cheers to that, my friend!

Please include the following line in your blog post “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?

  1. Alok Singhal says:

    I checked the first add earlier today, the second one refreshes to me my Yoga related latest post.

    We should distribute Pepsi at Wagah border, let Ind Pak unite 🙂

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