The meetup, for which I had to pay, a fine : Part 1

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, I was pestering Shweta a lot to meet up. Oh yes I’ll introduce her to you as well. But for now, do know that I was irritating her a lot, to meet up.

Shweta is the famous Twitter celeb @Dsilvastar. i.e Shweta D’Silva. She lives in Jamnagar, which is probably the westernmost point of India. And it takes a lot of time to visit Jamnagar( of course I’m a student so I won’t be able to visit Jamnagar via plane).

Now, incidentally, I met two of my twitter besties on the same day itself. So, I was insisting her to meetup. But she couldn’t give time, because of her busy schedule. And finally, the day she was leaving, I called her to know her whereabouts.She then replied, my BDTS Jamnagar Express train is at 4.30 and will leave from Bandra Terminus. If you could reach on time then come, else skip. We could meet someday later maybe. Now, I understood that, this could be the one last chance to meet because, as she lived in Jamnagar, it would obviously be difficult for me to visit Jamnagar skipping college and tuitions. Hence, I took it as a challenge and left for Bandra Terminus around 3.30pm. I was at Worli, so I caught the Sea-link and then within 4.10 I was at Bandra Terminus.

Now, I was in a dilemma. If I had to buy a platform ticket, I won’t be able to meet her, and then the effort would be in vain. My conscience chose to be unethical, and I simply rushed to the platform where, the BDTS-Jamnagar Express was standing. I called her up to know her coach, and she was shocked to know that I had come without a platform ticket. Ah but who cares, what matters is, I was able to meet her. She greeted me, and then I met her mother as well. She was telling that she couldn’t even expect me, coming at such a short notice. Though, we talked for maximum of, around 10 mins and then the train left.

Now, as I was returning the TTE caught me. I knew that was coming. So, I said him, I forgot to buy the platform ticket. I had to pay a fine of around 100 INR ( because student id 😀 ….else it would have been 250 INR) and then left Bandra Terminus.

I still remember running through the platform because her coach was a bit far from the starting point of the terminus. But, trust me, the fine which I paid was worthwhile, meeting Shweta.

After that I left to meet another friend. Let’s keep that story for another day, maybe.

Also, sincere thanks to Shweta for giving me time! I do miss you though.

  1. Flo R says:

    Ah….the sweet joys of being able to get on a platform ticket-less.

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