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Shuffle, changing lives!

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We as individuals, are too busy in our lives. Running around to our respective schools, offices, colleges and what not! But, have we ever thought, is it the only life we are leading? No responsibilities for the society? Doesn’t it affect you whenever you see a homeless person, or a dog who is shelterless?

If it affects you, then this is the first step towards your change. You have already found yourself apart from the millions of people who simply have known to ignore. You have finally found the ones, who actually think that even, at the individual level, they can change the world. And when many individuals come together for a common cause, it becomes a crowd. Which has the ability, to change the society.

Now the first question coming to your mind is, what should I do to help the needy ones? How can I try to change the society, at the individual, or at the social, or at the global level? True, you would start as an individual, but if your motives are simply positive, then similar thinking individuals together will come together and unite for your cause.

So, if you are actually planning to help in any way. Be it volunteering, helping someone, or simply thinking to help whichever way possible, you could join us. The organisation is called “Shuffle”. You could find more information in the link below. The organisation is a non profit organisation, and the organisation aims at helping people whichever way possible. The members of the organisation aims at helping every kind of people in the society. From spending Diwali at the orphanage to hosting a party at the old age home to cleaning up the streets early in the morning. We are ready to help, in whichever way possible.

e.g Shuffle has organised an event on the 28th of June, 2015 in Kolkata. The volunteers will be serving water to the needy ones at Park Street. Everyone, ranging from pedestrians to motorists, and passers-by will be provided water.

So, if you can think, you can change, join us so that we could help you to change.

For more info :- Shuffle


I was all set to leave for the boring college trip to Pune. I knew I was bored, but I didn’t have anything to do. My laptop had less charge, and there wasn’t any best friend nearby in my AC cabin with whom I could share my thoughts and discuss college life with him. Now, I was all alone, because incidentally in my cabin there weren’t any co passenger as well. I was already pissed off, but I had no option, but to sit, and watch videos on my phone. Luckily there was a charging point so I plugged in my laptop so that it could charge it’s batteries. And meanwhile I started watching a South Indian movie.

Incidentally, the movie I started playing was Allu Arjun’s “Arya 2”. Though I wasn’t much fond of South Indian movies, but I liked Allu Arjun’s style of acting very much. And, slowly the movie came to the point where the song “Ringa Ringa” was about to play. Suddenly, I could see that, instead of the item girl Erina Andriana performing on the song, I could see a familiar face of Bollywood who was dancing with Allu Arjun. On seeing keenly, I realized it was none other than the famous Anushka Manchanda performing with him. And I was glad to see her, performing and rocking the atmosphere of the song with Allu Arjun. The synchronization seemed to be perfect. And, on top of that her voice, was simply food for the ears. I could simply do nothing, but see the whole video, awestruck, and also, thinking, how did the item girl change because, I had seen the song “Ringa Ringa” earlier and I knew it wasn’t Anushka in the song. But, it was a wonderful experience.

Suddenly, a lady woke me up and said, “Is it Seat no 23?”. I realized that I fell asleep watching Arya 2. I woke up, rubbed my eyes and saw the screen, where the Ringa Ringa song had just ended, and Allu Arjun went away with a girl, wearing the same outfit as Anushka was wearing in my dream. After that I replied the lady, that I had accidentally slept on her seat because she hadn’t arrived then. Then we exchanged talks and as usual, the journey continued.

I’m still wondering. Was it a dream? Was it reality? Did Anushka actually perform on Ringa Ringa? Was Allu Arjun actually with Anushka dancing on Ringa Ringa? What was it?

I doubt, these questions won’t be answered as long as I see them both, performing on the very same song I dreamt of!

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India, my love.

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This is, a very short anecdote about a person, whom I have been stalking a lot. I do not know the person, personally. But I simply love his posts and instagram profile.

I have been seeing a person’s instagram profile. The profile is @ganex1961 .The name of the person is Paolo Zini. He probably belongs to Italy. And, from the day I started stalking him, I couldn’t think that it would go upto the level that I would go back in his timeline and check his first photo.

The thing which actually interested me was, his posts. Most of his posts, if you see, you will find a common tagline in his posts. “India my life”, “India my love”. I wonder, if a foreigner can fall in love with the country so much, that he would mostly write a same caption for all his 1000+ uploads. I do not know what are the quality of his pictures because I am not a photographer. But it made me so think about it, that I was forced to write an article on the person.

He supposedly belongs to Italy, and spends most of his time, in India with his wife. Because, there are a lot of pictures clicked by him in 2011,2012,2013 and 2014 as well. He is probably back or maybe not. But it seems that he has actually fallen in love with the country. I have only one question here. If Paolo, being an Italian, can love India so much, why can’t we, as Indians love our country like him?

I like to observe a lot of people. And the ones mentioned below are just simply the result of my observations.I would simply like to mention, that being an Indian, even I have this trait of finding an object which would actually give me “Bang for the buck” or as we call it in Hindi “Paisa Vasooli”.

Everyone in India, ranging from a pauper to a princess, is used to this habit. Bang for the buck. Yes obviously, there are times when it does not work. But Indians would obviously find a way, by hook or crook, to find “paisa vasooli” for the money they’ll pay for the object.

I myself have seen this in shopping malls, vegetable shops, clothing stores and many more places. Not to mention,even online retailers give so much freebies. Why? So that we could think, “Oh they’re giving freebies, i.e paisa vasool man!” But, there are some instances where we don’t even need to ask freebies. We ask for the extra amount of stuff we buy.

For example, My grandmother. When she was able to walk, she used to take me to the grocery store and vegetable markets so that I could learn the trait of bargaining. I was a child during that time. Probably about 6-7 years of age. I used to follow her and keenly listen to her conversations.

“How much is the potato?”, “Dadiji, it’s 25rs a kilo.” “What? Aisa daam bataiye jisse ki main le sakoon(Tell me a price so that I could buy)”. So the shopkeeper agrees to give 1kg and 250grams instead of the 1kg Potato for Rs 25. So, we can call the extra 250gms as a freebie maybe! But this was not only restricted to vegetables. This even included while buying rice, and other necessities as well.

Oh yes, fish. I’d like to raise a point here as well. Fishes are like, have to be complementary. Like when my grandma bought a big fish, she used to ask either the fish eggs, or a small fish of the same kind as a complementary.

I highly doubt whether today, it does work or not. But I have learnt the way how to bargain across the street and buy a commodity for atleast half the price the seller quotes.

This also reminds me of an incident for which I was totally embarrassed but, it was fine when the seller agreed. It goes as follows,

I and my elder cousin sister had gone for shopping. She had 1000 rupees with her, and I had 550 rupees. Now, she was an expert in bargaining, thanks to my grandma’s teachings. Now, as we were strolling around the shops, she found a beautiful anarkali dress. The quoted price was 2100Rs. Now, didi realized that the shop wasn’t a bargain free shop. She took advantage of the situation and simply went ahead to buy the Anarkali. And the bargain game started. 2100 to 1100. Then 1700 to 1300. I was worried and, I knew that she would be able to outwit the seller. She finally managed to make it upto Rs 1500, and she bought it. (That’s another thing that we both had to walk half the way and then catch a bus to home because 50 rs wasn’t enough to reach home.)

This is not only the case of my own family. This is the situation of every family in India. Yes, we do find bang for the buck, anytime, anywhere.

Even a person who is probably rich, will still find a bang for his buck. Why? Because it’s a quality. It is something which unites us. All Indians, have this trait of bargaining and finding “paisa vasool” in their commodities.

It’s as simple as follows, A girl would buy a dress with a high price, only if there are some freebies i.e ornaments, and other similiar things thrown into it. Because freebies.

And why not? All of us know, that we have this inborn quality to find paisa vasool. Even I, myself when buying a phone, ask the salesperson for freebies i.e extra offers,etc. Recently I bought a new phone. When I asked for the offers, they said that for 100 rupees extra I was getting a 8GB memory card and 4GB of downloads for free. So I gave the extra buck, and got the freebies at a very nominal price.

I could see, Lufthansa taking us Indians way too seriously. Hence, maybe, the new Economy class was launched by the Lufthansa Airways. So many features, at an economy price. Let me list down some of the features then!

As I’m a tech savvy student, I would always want my favourite gadgets to be connected all the time. And hey! Who wouldn’t want to web-checkin “Guys, I’m off to Frankfurt!”. Now, for all these things, Lufthansa has been kind enough to supply two sockets and USB ports for ease of use and ease of access as well. This is a boon for us students, that too, who would be travelling at economy prices!

Suppose you ain’t a tech savvy person. Okay everyone isn’t into gadgets. But still you are getting bored, Lufthansa has made special arrangements as well. They have offered a big screen where you could watch Hollywood movies. Now, if you dislike Hollywood movies, then you could play games as well on the large screen. They have also provided magazines as well. Imagine, if these could be the freebies provided at an economy price, what all things can they offer you, at the premium classes!

For now, I can think of only these features. There are more features, but for them you have to check out the link, and the video below.

Also,a person can be of any religion, race, or creed. But if he/she is an Indian, he/she has to know the art of haggling, and bargaining in markets and bazaars. This is where, we are united. We are one. We are Indians.

And, “Paisa Vasooli” is in our blood. Embedded deep into our ancestral roots!

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What’s a life without logic? Obviously nothing logical. But,what if you have a car who itself, (or rather himself) is logical? Yes, I’m talking about the new Renault Lodgy! It is more like a friend-cum-car who actually is like the very same friend who keeps shouting all the time that “Hey, lets go for a drive dude!” , “I’m so bored! Let’s take a break!”, or simply, “let’s hangout somewhere bro!”

As you already found the best friend around,who is simply ready to go, without any hassles or fuss, now you have to think, “Man! What else do we need for the trip?”. I wanted to list more, but as of now I would list only five main things, which I can think of, right now.

First would be my parents. I believe, that the best friends I have in the world right now at this moment are my parents. My dad always wanted to go on a vacation , but due to his job, he could never take us to vacations. I last remember, I was in class 7th that we had gone on a vacation. Since then, he has been unable to take me and mom on a vacation.

As, my parents, are my world, my first choice would be, taking my parents first with my friend, the Lodgy, ensuring safe and problem free smooth ride, thanks to the stable suspension tuning for reduced tilting and an adaptive anti-roll bar for safety.

Next will be, my phone! Man, if I’m on a trip, shouldn’t my friends know it? And obviously, what if some friend replies “hey man, even I’m there right now. Do join us!”. If I don’t take my phone, I’ll be away from the social media, and it is difficult (specially when you have a boss, who would simply fire you, if you do not reply to his/her calls) to stay away from the modern world. Also, if my dad’s bored (he usually is bored on long journeys), I could simply connect my phone to the MediaNAV system and play his favourite movie which has the dialogue “Arey O Sambha, kitne aadmi the?”.

Suppose my charge ends, then what? My friend Lodgy is so intelligent, he has a plug-in mobile charger as well. Simply plug in to your mobile charger, and let the Lodgy do the rest of it!

The third would be a hammock. Ah, the joys of having a vacation, lying down on a hammock and sipping mocktail (obviously not cocktail else dad would shout me!) and relaxing. So, a relaxed atmosphere, with a serene natural beauty, is all what we need, atleast once in six months, because, people are too busy these days with their work you see.

Next I would take is food food and food. It’s a basic necessity for us. A lot of chicken sausages, some pieces of loaf, a bit of soft drinks, and some more similar foodstuff so that we could eat and merry lavishly. All thanks to my friend’s cup holders and luxurious flight trays, which would help the drinks, not to spill on anyone’s dress.

Last, but not the least, I would take my whole lot of books. My dad’s favourites, Mom’s favourites, and my favourites. Trust me, there are so many books, that it would be difficult to carry. But thanks to my friend’s massive boot space of 207 litres, which would suffice the favourites. Dad’s favourites i.e Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s “Srikanta”,”Dehati Manush”,”Baikunther Will” and “Bamuner Meye”, Mom’s favourite i.e Rabindranath Tagore’s “Shesher Kabita”, “Kabuliwallah”, “Ghare Baire” and “Gitanjali” and mine, I’ve got a very random but weird choices such as Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series and much more, would be stashed in the boot of the Lodgy, without any issues.

So, these are my five things, which I would take along with my companion, and partner in crime, the Renault Lodgy!

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgyCal contest with Renault in association with Blogadda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.