Shuffle, changing lives!

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

We as individuals, are too busy in our lives. Running around to our respective schools, offices, colleges and what not! But, have we ever thought, is it the only life we are leading? No responsibilities for the society? Doesn’t it affect you whenever you see a homeless person, or a dog who is shelterless?

If it affects you, then this is the first step towards your change. You have already found yourself apart from the millions of people who simply have known to ignore. You have finally found the ones, who actually think that even, at the individual level, they can change the world. And when many individuals come together for a common cause, it becomes a crowd. Which has the ability, to change the society.

Now the first question coming to your mind is, what should I do to help the needy ones? How can I try to change the society, at the individual, or at the social, or at the global level? True, you would start as an individual, but if your motives are simply positive, then similar thinking individuals together will come together and unite for your cause.

So, if you are actually planning to help in any way. Be it volunteering, helping someone, or simply thinking to help whichever way possible, you could join us. The organisation is called “Shuffle”. You could find more information in the link below. The organisation is a non profit organisation, and the organisation aims at helping people whichever way possible. The members of the organisation aims at helping every kind of people in the society. From spending Diwali at the orphanage to hosting a party at the old age home to cleaning up the streets early in the morning. We are ready to help, in whichever way possible.

e.g Shuffle has organised an event on the 28th of June, 2015 in Kolkata. The volunteers will be serving water to the needy ones at Park Street. Everyone, ranging from pedestrians to motorists, and passers-by will be provided water.

So, if you can think, you can change, join us so that we could help you to change.

For more info :- Shuffle

  1. tinapanda70 says:

    Thank you for this. I, as the founder, of Shuffle, would likebyou to know that our event at Park street is not confirmed. However, we are going to have an event at an orphanage the same day.

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