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Do some of us still want to live in the era of oldies? I don’t think so that some of us do want to accept changes anywhere. Everyone of us know, that how difficult it is to swallow the fact, that your offspring has found his or her soulmate of some other creed, race or whatsoever the differentiating factor is. The parents are always happy, when their little one, has found a wife purely from their own clan.

Let’s take a very simple example which forced me to write this small article. I’d explain it as well. On my birthday, I heard a song named Rangabati, on MTV Coke Studio, sung by Sona Mohapatra and Rituraj Mohanty. Composed by Ram Sampath. On hearing for the first time, I felt the song was absolutely beautiful. Not to mention, even my mom exclaimed that she had heard the song when she was a little kid, playing around with her Odia friends. But, when I actually searched about the song on the internet sphere, I found that it was actually disliked by some of the Odia people. I won’t say all, because, I never checked the statistics, how many people liked the newer version of the song Rangabati, or disliked it. Though I could clearly see on YouTube, approximately 21,000 people liked it, and around 1,000 disliked.

On top of the cherry, the original lyricist sued them. I agree, that was valid due to copyright infringements. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll put down the song itself. MTV Coke Studio is basically a show where fusions are created. I do not know the language, yet I have found interest in that song. Not only me, there are a lot more other people who might have loved this song. And I have been seeing questions online, Which language was “Rangabati” sung in?

Yes, I’ve seen posts, where Sona Mohapatra was kind of, accused that the lyrics she pronounced wasn’t right. There were some posts floating as well, where the user directly posted timings, and tried to correct the lyrics using Odia words. I’m glad that such talented people in India exist as well.

But there’s a very simple theory behind this, which people don’t understand actually. If you dislike a thing, unlike it, and move on. But, creating a ruckus is simply not needed.

Also, as far as I remember, when A R Rahman, sang Jagao Mere Des, or when Sundori Komola Naachey had some English Rap by Aditi Singh Sharma, not a single Bengali person stood up against and said that, it is not advisable to ruin the folk song. Not because we are tolerant. Because we are used to people who make various versions of the folklore songs. “Hrid Majhare” is such a song, you would simply find n number of versions on the internet. I do agree that “Rangabati” may be the state anthem for Odisha. But, everyone can make their own version, right?

Though, I agree Sona had her own flaws. Yet, at the end of the day, she took the anthem of Odisha to an international level. Shouldn’t my Odia friends be proud at the fact? I know I am no one to comment on their sentiments yet, somewhere I felt, I should write this because that song did touch me somewhere.

Maybe, in some European country, an Odia person may be listening to the very same “Rangabati” on YouTube, and he or she may have weeped, a little, remembering their own motherland, Odisha. Isn’t that feeling priceless, than finding out faults in the song? Who doesn’t love their motherland right? Because, folk songs are such an emotion which never fails to touch the heart.

Nonetheless, coming back to my main point. Do people dislike changes? Or do they accept changes? Probably, time will tell us. I do hope, some day would come when cultures would simply inter-mingle with each other and there shall be international harmony.


No, no. I’m lucky enough that I could see him within an interval of a few months. But, lack of his presence on my birthday seems not enough. It is like, he is indirectly present. Via text messages, calls, and Skype Chats. But, it never seems enough.

It’s true that, I have been to phases where I used to be grumpy because, at very rare occasions, dad used to refuse me things, which I wanted to buy. I also used to get angry because, at times he directly did not pay heed to my requests and drag me back home without buying the substance.

That phase has crossed though. I can buy whatever I want, but I miss my dad. Why? Because, after crossing the teen ages, the realization has seriously striked me,that things are merely commodities which can be replaced and changed, but not the people. People in your live, specially the ones who have brought you into the world, and showed you, how beautiful the world is, whilst hiding the evil and bad from their offspring as long as they live, is something which is absolutely irreplaceable.

I had done some blunder, for which my mom still taunts me. But at the end of the day, I still love her. Why? Because, she’s the one, with whom I can simply share my feelings and every other incident happened to me on a daily basis. And she would not even get bored, because she is always keen to understand, listen and reply accordingly.

I’d like to conclude, probably like one of those Facebook pictures, which namely says

At 6 yrs : Dad, I love you.
At 10 yrs : Dad whatever!
At 15 yrs : Dad you’re so annoying!
At 18 yrs : I’m leaving this house.
At 21 yrs : I would give up everything for my dad to be here with me, NOW!

(P.S if you search this, this realization comes at the age of 70. I’m glad I realized it, early.)

I miss you dad. I’m coming home soon.