Dad, I wish you were in Kolkata!

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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No, no. I’m lucky enough that I could see him within an interval of a few months. But, lack of his presence on my birthday seems not enough. It is like, he is indirectly present. Via text messages, calls, and Skype Chats. But, it never seems enough.

It’s true that, I have been to phases where I used to be grumpy because, at very rare occasions, dad used to refuse me things, which I wanted to buy. I also used to get angry because, at times he directly did not pay heed to my requests and drag me back home without buying the substance.

That phase has crossed though. I can buy whatever I want, but I miss my dad. Why? Because, after crossing the teen ages, the realization has seriously striked me,that things are merely commodities which can be replaced and changed, but not the people. People in your live, specially the ones who have brought you into the world, and showed you, how beautiful the world is, whilst hiding the evil and bad from their offspring as long as they live, is something which is absolutely irreplaceable.

I had done some blunder, for which my mom still taunts me. But at the end of the day, I still love her. Why? Because, she’s the one, with whom I can simply share my feelings and every other incident happened to me on a daily basis. And she would not even get bored, because she is always keen to understand, listen and reply accordingly.

I’d like to conclude, probably like one of those Facebook pictures, which namely says

At 6 yrs : Dad, I love you.
At 10 yrs : Dad whatever!
At 15 yrs : Dad you’re so annoying!
At 18 yrs : I’m leaving this house.
At 21 yrs : I would give up everything for my dad to be here with me, NOW!

(P.S if you search this, this realization comes at the age of 70. I’m glad I realized it, early.)

I miss you dad. I’m coming home soon.

  1. Sunidhi Jain says:

    This is so sweet! πŸ™‚

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