Indian Indepedence – an Irony!

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Let’s start with the meaning of the word “Independence”. What does it actually mean? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as, “the quality or state of being independent”. Or, it could also mean, freedom of a country from foreign controls. Yes, the British ruled India for more than 200 years. But since 1947, we are all on our own. The Constitution was framed. And then India became a nation. The sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic nation as we all know. Since our school days.

68 years of independence, and India has very well fared in science, technology, astronomy, and various other fields. But, has India been able to secure a lot of other achievements as well, along with the advancement in technology and other fields. Let’s start with the issue of poverty. 23.6% of Indian population, or about 276 million people are below the poverty level in India. Not only that, the most affected areas in India are Odisha, Chattisgarh and some North Eastern States. Poverty is an issue, which I personally feel, only education and driving the unemployed workforce into employed citizens. There could be various ways where the uneducated youth population can be taught and employed so that they could atleast use their skills to secure a job.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Then comes reservation. Reservation, I believe is a controversial issue. My humble opinion is, reservations should continue, probably. But according to some intelligent people on the internet sphere, there should be a provision where only one generation of reserved category people can use the caste certificate. Though I have a different perspective. I’d like to share my personal experience, where I have been to poverty stricken areas. And, there, trust me, people don’t even bother what certificate can they get. They just need a meal twice a day. Which is obviously a basic necessity for a human being to live. They do still exist. Not far from the Kolkata city, but such people do exist. I do not know, what others think about reservation though. Generalization is present in every strata of society.

Next I would like to address is, Corruption. Today in 2015, India was ranked 85th country in terms of corruption. For everything, you need to pay a bribe. And get the work done. Starting from, making a driver’s license to applying passport, corruption prevails everywhere. I’ve seen people who are senior citizens and just to get their pension from the government’s fund, they have to pay bribes. The amount may be small, but the mindset of the government officials are low enough to even compare. Corruption is found everywhere, on railway stations, traffic signals, government offices, colleges, and so on. The government has introduced some schemes namely “link Aadhar card to LPG”, etc to keep an eye on its citizens. But, I am still skeptic about the schemes. Where the corruption has grown into the Indian system ranging from clerks to “Babus” of our government, how can one be hopeful that India will be corruption free one fine day?

Now comes rape. The word itself is so dreadful that anyone would shudder even when he/she will see the word. And it is happening, even in our country, right now while you read my article.A woman is raped every 18 hrs in Delhi according to the IndiaToday Newspaper. This was in 2011 though, but statistics state that there were a total of 33,764 rape victims across the country. I still wonder, what goes on in the rapist’s mind. Was he never taught anywhere in his whole life, that women should be respected? Anyways, I believe a solution to this, would be super fast track courts, and then, if the person is found guilty, they should be simply hanged to death, without wasting any time. I have been reading in the newspapers that there are a lot of criminals who are yet to get hanged to death. For rapists, there should be another special super fast track court and a separate place for execution.

There are many more reasons, which are also grave, but I’m falling short of words to explain each one of them. I would like to celebrate the day, atleast when one of the issues mentioned above is uprooted.

And we “rejoice” the Independence of India. Irony much?


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