A dark phase of the history repeats itself.

Posted: December 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

26th July, 2005. It was Mumbai.

30th December 2015. It was Chennai.

I was in the 6th grade during that time. I still remember, on the 26th of July, we had a half day. Our school had instructed our parents to take us along with them. My dad had came to pick me up from the school. I was happy then, unknown to the situation happening in Mumbai. I came back home, only to see dad getting ready for office. Till the time, I could understand and tell dad not to leave the home due to the torrential rainy conditions in Mumbai, my dad had already left for office.

Whenever I hear of floods, the very first thing comes to my mind is 2005 Mumbai floods. That was a very devastating phase for the whole of Maharashtra. The casualties were over 1000 along with a lot of cattle killed during the floods. Trains came to a standstill and the skies were totally dark.

Then, in recent days, I noticed that there was a very similar situation in Chennai. Universities and apartments were filled with water. People were in chaos. Lack of food and water made situations more worse. Here I’d like to share an anecdote about a person I met on my return flight to Kolkata.

So, the person is a Neuro-surgeon in Singapore and his family was based in Chennai. After a few greetings and exchanges, I came to know that he was going to Kolkata to attend a conference. And from there he’ll be travelling to Chennai to visit his family. After a few talks, I realized that this person had paid 4X the fare to Chennai for a ticket to Coimbatore. Why? Because most of the private airlines were charging excessively for the airports which were nearby to Chennai. He told me that his family was fine, because they were living on the fourth floor. But the ground floor was totally inundated with water. Water was about to reach the first floor as well, but luckily it didn’t.

I could see that he wasn’t complaining. Rather he was happy that his family was safe and sound. He just wanted to go home back, to be with his family members.

I’d like to raise only one question to my readers. Couldn’t be the flood averted? Weren’t the measures enough to avoid the grave conditions we are seeing today? Is it not possible to avoid the calamities?



  1. Mumbai Floods were a nightmare to me, I was in Agra but my Dad who went to Mumbai for an Interview was stuck. He was a diabetic in wet shoes. I am extra paranoid and was tensed. The condition was bad. Take Kolkata, there are parts that get inundated. in 2000 there was a flood in West Bengal. Though my immediate family stayed out, my relatives were grossly affected. Then in 2007 there was heavy rain and inundation in the city for a few days. The drainage system is the real pain. We are ill-prepared as a country to handle flood. The solution lies in restructuring in a planned way and opening up green areas to absorb water

    • bengaliceo says:

      I do wish that your idea is conveyed to the authorities concerned. It is very sad, that inspite of being a developing country, India is still ill-prepared for natural calamities.

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