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My way of finding inspiration.

Posted: January 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Most of us find inspiration around us, in the form of good samaritans. And, everyone has that specific set of people who give us inspiration. Inspiration to do good, and help the mankind in the slightest way possible. Yet, a handful of us, have the guts to create examples which we could narrate in our daily lives.

I also had my own set of people who give me inspiration, not only on occasional basis but also on a daily basis. But Siddesh Manjunath, this 10 year old boy, did something, which was enough for me to get inspired for the whole year. I’ll explain in the upcoming paragraph, how did this boy inspire me!

So, this boy, Siddesh Manjunath, worked with his father at a tea shop in Avaregere village in Davangere district, Karnataka. He had studied upto class 5 and then due to certain unfavourable circumstances, he joined his father so that he could add to the household income. And, on his way, from his house to his father’s tea shop, there is a railway track which has to be crossed in order to reach his father’s tea shop.

On the 17th of November, like any other day, he was going to his father’s tea stall to help him. But when he went near the tracks to cross them, he saw that there was a big gap in the railway tracks. He ran furiously towards his dad’s shop and gathered some villagers who, on inspection realized that the gap was serious and there can be serious consequences if not paid attention.

Amidst the chaos, Siddesh heard the honking of a train coming from the opposite side. Without giving any second thought, he rushed towards the train with his red T-Shirt waving in the air. At a distance, luckily the driver spotted the red T-shirt and stopped the train immediately. A mishap was averted. And the lives of 800 people were saved that day.

Though, if it were not for this little 10 year old boy, there would have been a big accident which would have culminated into loss of lives. Also, if it were not for his courage, the train would not have stopped, and the accident could not have been avoided.

Obviously, if a 10 year old boy, can save lives of 800+ people, I’m sure, that we, as individuals who have access to our basic necessities can do far more than this little boy has done. Since I read the incident, I felt inspired. And not to mention, this was the best inspiration I could ever get, from someone.

His courage is my inspiration.

This post is a part of the Youth Ki Awaaz campaign.