A small trip to Sarat Chandra’s House.

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Uncategorized

Ah, long time no posts on the blog. It must be surprising to all of you whether I quit blogging or not. Of course I wouldn’t. But I was a little busy giving exams and finally I got some free time to write about a small trip which I took a few days ago.

I spent four years of my life in a remote place called Kolaghat situated in Purba Medinipur district. It serves as a border for the two districts of Howrah and Purba Medinipur. It falls en route from Kolkata to Kharagpur. But I had the realisation in my final year that I should be travelling. After all, trips taken in the final year remain memorable to the students. Not that my college life was beautifully amazing, but it was considerably peaceful in the remote area of Kolaghat. Mostly surrounded by natural beauty and of course, some rare birds.

So one fine day, we were sitting on the terrace and discussing pre-independence Bengali Literature. The first name came to our mind was Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. As explained by Wikipedia, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was a great Bengali novelist and he is the most plagiarised Bengali author till date. Suddenly, a friend suggested, why not visit his house because we are so nearby to his place. And so, we left one fine afternoon, in search of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s house.

The friend knew half the route but the remaining half he forgot. Why? Because he was a child when he had visited Sarat Chandra’s house. So according to his directions, we got down on Deulti Station which was the starting point to Sarat Chandra’s house.


The direction towards Sarat Chandra’s house at Samtaber

After getting down, we headed towards the main road i.e NH6. Now came the searching part. We asked the locals about the location of Sarat Chandra’s house. They guided us to a nearby auto stand from where we had to catch an auto to his house. So we went to the auto stand, and found out that we were in the right direction. The auto guys charged 100 rupees for a round trip to the auto stand from Sarat Chandra’s place. We didn’t negotiate else it could have come down to 80 rupees. Nevertheless, we left from the auto stand and got down at Sarat Chandra’s house.


The entrance to Sarat Chandra’s house

Then we entered his house. Trust me, the peace and serenity is rarely to be found elsewhere. I know the picture is hazy but I was awestruck in the beauty of the place. The place is mesmerising and simple.

The caretaker, Mr Dulal Manna was an old man, in his 70s. He started us to explain, by suggesting us to go to the first floor and check out the scenery from the place.


The river used to flow in front of the house, during Sarat Chandra’s younger days

We went on the first floor. The beauty is simply incomparable. The rooms were locked but the caretaker would have opened them on our request. We did not ask the caretaker to open them for us. Then we got down and then the caretaker showed us the place where Sarat Chandra used to sit, and write his novels, and some other places in the home where Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had come to visit him. The home was beautifully maintained by the old caretaker and he devoted his life in maintaining the house.


Sarat Chandra’s writing desk

He stayed in the house for the past 40 years maintaining it. The house has been well maintained and preserved. The house gained Heritage of National Status since the year 2007 and the Government has been trying to maintain the house by helping the caretaker.


The backyard

Then we bid goodbye to the caretaker and due to his photo shy nature we couldn’t click a picture with him.

A day well spent, at Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s house. I must say it was a beautiful and serene experience. If you are travelling to Digha, please do spare some time and visit this National Heritage site. Thank me later.

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