The fine line between aspirations and dreams.

Posted: August 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

So it has been three- four months where I haven’t posted a single blog post yet. I might have got time, but I probably utilised the time for some other purposes. Though in these three four months, I did realise that I wasn’t really a perfect fit for the city of Calcutta. But, I did grow a liking for this city in these past few months. I came back home, Mumbai, in the month of August. My final semesters had just ended and I didn’t probably have the time to even attend my college farewell. Not that I was eager to attend it, but I had to wish goodbye to a few friends, which I didn’t.

I had attended a rural festival, which I will be sharing with you of course! As a narrator I might face difficulties in explaining how vibrant and glorious the rural areas of West Bengal are, but I would definitely try my best in explaining. Amidst the race to be the best, I find myself lost somewhere in this crowd. I do feel at times, why am I even a part of this rat-race? But, to survive in this world, one has to have a decent amount of qualification and the ability to survive using that qualification. Charles Darwin, you’ve nailed it since 1854!

Not only that, it has been already 6+ months that I faced a failure, and it literally took me 3 months to get over it. But now, it seems as a stepping stone as days pass by. People tend to give up after facing setbacks, but to be honest, even if I try I cannot be one of them. I know someday, I will have my share of success and I will shine someday.

So let’s come back to the main topic: The fine line between aspirations and dreams. Aspiration is something, like (of course, don’t go into the medicinal meaning) you aspire to be in one of the top-most B-Schools of the country. But you dream to be rich. Lets explain this mathematically. Aspiration is a function of dream. Say aspiration is x, then dream is f(x). You can prove me wrong as well, but this is my perception towards aspiration.

These few months have been a bit hectic. Life played many games with me, and in retaliation, I too accepted a few challenges and lost some of them. But, in the end, I learnt that I needed to believe in myself. I needed to learn more, concentrate more, and set realistic goals and aspirations instead of jumping to dreams. So, you can consider it as a note which I wrote to myself, or as a narration from me to you, the reader.


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