My interaction with Symbiosis Centre For Management And Human Resources Development (SCMHRD) process.

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Date : 3rd Feb 2017

Location : Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development

Symbiosis Infotech Campus,

Plot No. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, MIDC,

Hinjewadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411057

Time: 12.30pm

GE Session Topic 1 – SCMHRD

Panel- 2 members.

Students – 7

A case study where a project was implemented in a district regarding rain water conservation and harvesting. We had to find a solution to the existing problems.
Time – 2 mins thinking. 10 mins discuss
GE Session Topic 2 – SCMHRD
Panel -2 Members
Students – 7
Prove with logical (ok if not existent) reasons that Matrimonial Sites = Stock Market.
3 mins thinking. 10 min discussion. 5 mins presentation.
WAT 2 topics.
1. A scenario where Reddit India had tweeted about Flipkart that an Amazon carton was found in a Flipkart office and Flipkart replied to RedditIndia that it had recycled the box into a dustbin. As an Amazon representative how will you reply using a tweet below 100 words and a hashtag.
2. A picture where the man is sleeping on a hanging tent from a mountain. Write as if you woke up in place of that sleeping man, in 300 words.
Somewhat similar to this picture
Credits : Coast Magazine
Time – 20 min
PI –
Panel members -2
Extempore topic : I am an ATM.
Think for 1 minute. Speak for the next 3 minutes.
Questions about why low score in graduation.
5 Points SCMHRD over SIBM.
Other calls.
General Knowledge about recent political events (I had mentioned politics as a hobby).
Upcoming elections name of states?
What cultures do you follow and why? (I had mentioned exploring various cultures)
Name two specialisations in SCMHRD apart from HR.
Which stream would you like to do your MBA in? Justify?
Why did you move to Kolkata from Mumbai?
Justify how did you improve yourself in the 4 years of Engineering.

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