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My Airtel and the plans!

Posted: August 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Now that I was just getting used to 3G from 2G (oh come on, I’m just a student for the time being, so I was mainly used to 2G, for all my purposes) Airtel just introduced 4G to all of it’s customers, and that too at a nominal fee I suppose.

No wonder, I’ve always heard stories from my friends who live abroad. They are so used to 4G that they can’t even think about 3G. Let alone 2G. So, now as Airtel has introduced 4G to all of us, I’m glad I’ll be able to boast my own achievements as well, of obtaining 1000Mbit per second speeds!

Now comes the question, what would you do with such speeds? Firstly, I would listen to music seamlessly using the 4G speeds. No wonder, it is always fun to listen to music and watch videos without any kind of interruption. Then comes movies. I always get irritated watching youtube videos with that loading sign going round and round. But, eventually, after getting Airtel 4G I’ll be able to watch videos live, and stream peacefully without hassles.

Then, comes video calling. Half the time, we are busy just with the words “hello” and phrases like, “Are you able to listen me dude?” “Am I audible?” “Can you hear me?” And thinking these past experiences, one would never even dare to use video calling and are satisfied with voice calling itself. But, when I heard that Airtel is finally introducing 4G, I was simply glad that I would be able to connect to my friends wherever they are, in the world, just with a video call. No more crackled voices and “hello hello” anymore. Finally, some peace in video calls. Also, congratulations if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend abroad. You just felt good and happy.

And last but not the least, I live in a semi-rural area, where I get the opportunity to talk to the local kids. They are mostly poor, and they mainly work so that they could earn their livelihood. Hence, using my Airtel 4G, I would simply stream videos and then, help them learn the alphabets and then letters then words one by one. If I wouldn’t have the power of Airtel 4G, I wouldn’t have been able to think such innovative ideas like this. No wonder, Airtel has given us a beast, and obviously with a leash. Leash obviously of an affordable price rate.

I used to wonder, when will India get 4G? Only I am the one who just listens to others comments on how fast the internet is abroad? And now, I feel happy, that not only me, every person living in India can simply brag, about the 4G speeds from now on. Now India will speak!

This post is a part of the Airtel 4G campaign.