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So finally here I am. 9 months into the institute and the first year seems to end already. This entire journey was like a roller coaster to me. A lot of ups, and a lot of downs. So the last post was on November 3, 2017. After that, the end term exams came up in December. The typical case based examination scenarios where you have to implement various frameworks. But, but the story does not end here. Meanwhile I got placed for my summer internship at a mid-sized IT based firm. We had only 3 days of holiday after our second term exam. Which means, technically we had only the 30th, 31st of December and 1st of January as holidays. Now what?

Now comes the change. 6 of our friends planned an outing, to Ranikhet. Now, I didn’t have the slightest idea about Ranikhet because I had recently started visiting hill stations. And unfortunately the seventh guy in our group had plans to leave for Delhi, so we were the remaining members. And we knew that staying back in campus won’t give us the kind of a break we need. So we booked a car, and went off to the hill-station. Trust me, they say “Once you visit the Himalayas, they call you back. Each and every time”. So we had our fair share of relaxation, in those three days. And returned back to the campus on the 1st of January. This was the start of the third term, and a new start from a clean slate. This term was also special in a way because during the mid-term, our seniors had completed their syllabus and had to leave the campus. This was a major event for all of us, emotionally. After their departure, the campus looked like a horror story background, with dim lights and the senior’s hostel blocks started looking scary in darkness. But still, we had around 214 students, so our blocks were a bit lively.

In the meanwhile, on a specific weekend, a friend of mine and I went to explore Haridwar and Rishikesh to get out of the sadness. We stayed at night because it took us a bit longer than expected to reach Haridwar. After that, we left for Rishikesh the next day morning. The weather was breezy and chilling winds were following us wherever we went. Finally, after reaching Rishikesh the first thing we did was to get on the Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula with our bike on. Not that I was a seasoned driver, but my friend carefully maneuvered through both the Jhulas. After wandering around, we decided to visit the Beatles Ashram. But unfortunately we reached at the right time only to know that the Ashram opens up at 11.00AM. With a sad feeling, we skipped the visit and left to eat some pastries at the German bakery. A lot of German and French people met us and smiled, though the cafe owner seemed a bit annoyed (we really didn’t know that we Indians are probably not allowed or something). After having pastries, we left to explore the city and stumbled upon a sadhu who suggested us that we should do river-rafting and the experience would change our lives altogether. We took his suggestion and left after thanking him. So we found out one of the shops where they were advertising river rafting and other sports, and started bargaining for the 16km. At first, the agent was not ready, but when a foreigner couple came along to go for river-rafting, we had to threaten him that we will tell them the price they are overcharging from them. Only then the agent agreed, and then we were told to keep our bags at the registering office. A car came and took us to the registering office, only to keep our bags and sign a few papers (probably anti-claim papers?). We signed those papers and left for the point from where the rafting starts. After that, we were given instructions and made to sit on the boat. I was a bit nervous, but later got the hang of it. There were some serious places where the boat was vigorously shaking, but didn’t tumble. And finally we were instructed to jump in the water. I thought it is risky so I didn’t jump initially. But my friend pulled me down, and once I jumped, the fear within me crawled away. Finally we reached our destination, i.e the place from we started. After changing clothes and payment, we left to have lunch. And finally, we returned from the beautiful city of Rishikesh, only to get back to the grind. Here is a picture of the Jhula which we went over!


After this adventure, came the season of Holi. This was again a long holiday (read 3 days) for us, but we didn’t really want to stay back at the campus. So, two of us (among the seven members) were keen onto riding their bike and going for a long trip. We too agreed, and decided on booking a cab again for the trip. This time, it was more closer to the Himalayas (i.e getting too close to see the Rajramba and Panchchuli peaks) at Munsyari.

So our itinerary for the three days were

Day 1 : Almora

Day 2 : Bageshwar – Munsyari

Day 3 : Ranikhet – Nainital and back home!

Everything we planned went as expected, but there was a small accident involved where a friend slipped off road and somehow got a bit hurt. His bike was damaged as well, but he did maintain his speed while going on the mountains. This trip was ethereal, and honestly the mountains look amazingly beautiful. The trip is successful, only if you have a great company with you. Here is a glimpse, of what we saw there at Munsyari. Though this doesn’t do justice to what we have seen with our eyes.


After the trip, we felt rejuvenated and started on to fight the approaching exams. Though I’ll be honest we were totally burned out during the last exam, but then it was all worth given we were coming back home the very next day. So, finally after the exams, we all left for Delhi airport to reach home. And eventually I got time, to write this post while I get ready to explore Pune, the city I am allotted for my internship. Till then, adios!