A talk with Miss Udita Pal – A future writer of India

Posted: July 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

It all started,when I used to read her blog.She frames words in a beautiful manner! But I always longed to talk to her. This lady is so open minded,that she shares her number on social websites! Such open minded lady I’ve rarely seen. Also, one fine day,I expressed my thought on how to write a blog. This lady, guided me & then said me to call her up. Bleh! I was nervous and called her up. A sweet voice replied and then our conversation started. It started with all on how to create a blog & ended up with conversing topics related to our lives!

I didn’t even realize when the topic got changed! Haan,she’s intelligent! One of the eminent personalities of her school. She plans to qualify IIM,TOEFL & IAS examinations. She had relationships earlier,but never worked. So preferably single & NOT ready to mingle. She was not into this writing business earlier. But when she wanted to be an author,many warned her and opposed her. Still she had the grit and guts. She became a successful budding writer. She saw many people change in her life. The writers who were her best friends started hating her due to competition. She even said that, people hated her to the core.

Even those who were copy-paste successful writers. But still she managed to publish some of her beautiful articles and writings. And she’ll stop writing to fulfill her dad’s dreams. Also,one of her newest compositions will be out on sale! Hope she keeps writing. And yesss, Inspite of her haters, this beautiful lady has got an awesome fan-followings 🙂 Hope to meet this awesome writer someday, & probably interview her.

And would love to end this article with one of her quotes.

“Never Trust A Writer. Always Date them. They can do anything,for the sake of their story” – The Dirty Book – Udita Pal.


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